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 Posted: Tue Apr 8th, 2008 11:39 pm
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An interesting story and a big roller coaster ride.

Breaks into Florida and is an immediate contender. Has a great look. His nickname was great too by the way ~ "The Total Package".

Joins the Horsemen and has some good feuds (Dusty, Nikita) Then the big turn against The Horsemen. The feud with Flair was good - Luger more or less portrayed as the better man but unlucky/can't deliver the final blow to Flair to win the belt. he did finally win the WCW belt in cage match win over Barry Windham at the infamous 1991 Great American Bash and then drops the title to Sting on his way out the door.

Off to the WWF and who can forget "The World Bodybuilding Federation" or "The Narcisist" or "The Lex Express". Bodyslamming Yokozuna but never getting the WWF belt. Shows up out of the blue on the first Nitro to the surprise of Vince McMahon.

Got a second WCW championship win via a win over Hollywood Hogan but lost the belt right back.

Another stage of his career is entered when he picks up Elizabeth as his valet. He really doesn't do much impact-wise at this point in his career and after WCW folds he has some shots with the WWA but nothing of real importance.

Of course there is the fateful night where Elizabeth passes on and every fan has their opinion on how much or little Lex is to blame.