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 Posted: Fri Mar 11th, 2011 09:45 am
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Until Feb 1985, it was pretty much a weekly card town. They didn't run any shows on holidays, though, I guess everyone was needed somewhere else. There were also the odd date that the County Hall was booked for something else, for example there was a "Tough Man" contest running for a couple of years.

There aren't ads every week, though. Some weeks there is a preview on the Friday, and on rare occasions, earlier. The results range from full results to just the main event result, to nothing. Sometimes the results were their own article, sometimes just a little write-up in the "State Report" section. Very rarely the results appeared on the Sunday. Sometimes there are results with no ad or preview. Due to the fact that there are quite a few missing months, and some weekends missing from other months, this is maybe 80% complete at best.

I didn't check every paper on every day of the week, so there are probably a few more cards and results to find in Google News.

After February of 1985, it looks like they went monthly. After October they moved out of County Hall to the High School, and ran on any day of the week. I've checked as much of 1985 as I can, but they seemed to stop running ads when they left County Hall, which makes it take much longer to search through the pages.

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