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 Posted: Wed Nov 7th, 2007 12:57 am
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I know this was done in Japan in the late '70s (maybe earlier) but it was extremely rare and almost always a finish in America through the early '90s before it became an overused move. 

When did you first see a powerbomb used in America?

The earliest I've seen it so far was August 1981 and you won't believe who did it.  During a women's tag match in St. Louis, Wendi Richter actually backdropped her opponent into her partner Judy Grable's powerbomb in a tag move that was about 20 years before it's time.  The announcer just screamed out "Wow, what a somersault!  I guess you could call that a reverse bodyslam as she dropped her right on her head!"  I can't find footage of an earlier American powerbomb, much less a double-team one.  Did Grable tour Japan a lot?

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