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 Posted: Fri Apr 11th, 2008 12:39 am
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I really liked him as the young lion in Florida and as a Horseman.  I enjoyed his face run right after turning on the Horsemen.   His WWF stuff was teh suck, but I'm not sure it was completely his fault.  He was given some shit gimmicks and the huge Lex Express run only to have it fizzle.

After that I thought he was just OK.  When a guy starts wrestling in his jeans, and it isn't a biker or cowboy gimmick, then you know he just doesn't give a shit.

He was the victim of the main event log jam in WCW.  He had always been a main eventer, and now there were about 30 main eventers.  He was never going to be more than a mid carder, and he knew it.  I think he just gave up and phoned it in.

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