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 Posted: Sat Mar 19th, 2011 03:41 am
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Yep,that's the main reason I hate Carolina,is their (mostly) obnoxious fan base.Not so much the team or the players (except for King Rice,who was the king of all douches back in the day),but their insufferable fans.

Hell,I been rooting for Duke since 1978 when Bill Foster was the coach and Mike Gminski,Kenny Dennard and Jim Spenarkle were the stars,and I hated Carolina even then,and that was before their fans ever even heard of Michael Jordan.

I love to bring up the fact that Carolina is the only team in history to be ranked #3 in the whole damn country and go into the half with 0 points (1979 vs Duke),and that they had the lowest score in NCAA final games for many mnay year (50 vs Indiana),and it really makes them ill when Coach K passed Dean Smith,and will make them even sicker when he passes Knight,maybe even this year.

I make no bones about it,I hate Carolina with a passion.

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