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 Posted: Sat Mar 19th, 2011 08:35 am
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Big Garea Fan wrote: Big Garea Fan wrote: After today, I think it is safe to say Yahoo just saved $1 million.

No way anybody is gonna have a perfect bracket after all of today's bracket-busting action


I was wrong - there is still one entry left (28 out of 28 correct so far).

On the bright side, 1 out of the 5 brackets that I completed is currently in the 99th percentile (overall rank = #3025, 28 out of 32 correct so far) 


Ok, Yahoo is officially $1 million safer. Georgetown blew it for the previously perfect bracket entry by losing to VCU. Really killed the guy's bracket too since he had Georgetown winning the next 2 games (so he basically lost 3 games due to this loss).