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 Posted: Sun Mar 27th, 2011 09:48 pm
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yellowdog wrote: kargol wrote: yellowdog wrote: kargol wrote: yellowdog wrote: HarryG wrote: Larry can get bent. His book sucked too.
he actually wrote the book himself with no ghost writer.  It didn't suck.  I'm curious why you thought it sucked?

Because the first 47 pages were blank until he finally got started.

Really?  Unlike most wrestling books the first three chapters were NOT just about his humble beginnings.  Page 17 is where he starts talking about being Bruno's protege and his start in the business.  I thought the book was too short and I wanted more, but suck? each his own.

I don't wish to be offensive, but are you autistic?

what DO you wish to asshole?

So are you Mister Saint Laurent or Larry Z himself?  No one else would care this much or be so stupid as to miss the obvious joke the guy was making

Larry Z is a bitter old dipshit, nothing more-  Jericho will be remembered more than Larry ever will

he tries to come across as an humble "everyman" who has a great relationship with the fans while being one of the biggest navel-gazing, narcissistic, self-aggrandizing marks for himself in wrestling, which is saying something.