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 Posted: Sat Apr 2nd, 2011 02:23 pm
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HBF wrote:
You fuckers need some educating since the Eagles (who blow, completely, except for Joe Walsh-who rules).:D

Here's Robert Plant, who's had about 4 careers, with his solo hit from 1993:

Compare this to The Who since they pretty much died in 1979. And I only saw the original seedings but PLEASE put the Allman Brothers in there. They are the best jam band that ever lived and when I saw Bob fucking Seger/The Iggles over them I almost cringed.

Good call on Plant. Not sure why that one slipped past me. I've seen him live twice and an amazing show each time.

Never said that I could 100 % substantiate it. And convincing you 100 % is not a concern of mine.