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 Posted: Tue Apr 5th, 2011 11:50 am
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yeah my mistake on a typo that first one is Sept 20

62/09/20 Att: 5,000
Lou Thesz DCNC Argentina Rocca 19:44
Bruno Sammartino W Bob Stanlee 4:14
Sweet Daddy Siki W Ray Gordon 21:04
Taro Sakuro W Timothy Geohagen 16:04
Enrique Torres W Angelo Savoldi 7:33
Stan Stasiak D Tony Marino 20:00
(Subs for Jim Hady)

the rest you have is correct on the 11/22 Bruno/Valentine -Brower comes out and tells referee that Valentine’s foot was on the ropes; ref says final decision will be up to the NWA -on the next card 12/06 Bobby Bruns comes out and affirms Bruno is the new US champ

Bruno also loses the belt on Dec 14 back to Valentine in 21.22 but I couldn't find a clip, I will check the Globe on my next visit

I believe I posted all of 1962 a ways back in this forum

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