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 Posted: Tue Apr 5th, 2011 05:48 pm
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clawmaster wrote: srossi wrote: Steely Dan way too high, Iron Maiden too low.
I can easily switch the two. Will do that Thursday after more people give their thoughts.

again I am not a fan of metal and can name only one Iron Maiden song Ithink (Run to the Hills)  I think thats a good excuse right there in that they have limited appeal and also not a large amount of big hits (compared to metal bands like Judas priest or AC DC where I can name a lot of their songs)  Steely Dan I also think falls into a limited appeal category for your jaz .op rock genre.  But they have tons of recognizable songs that cross genres.  Only my opinion but when I ran music clubs I could put on a Steely Dan CD if we had a pop show, a hippie show, blues show,  a prog rock show, a jazz show or a acoustuic show and the fans would be happy.  Iron Maiden we would have been limited to a metal show and then we had a pretty substantial metal collection because we did a lot of Metal shows but we did not have a Iron Maiden CD. 

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