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 Posted: Wed Apr 13th, 2011 07:34 pm
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NFL:  Saints  - My AFC team was the Bengals for several years from the mid-80s through mid-90s, but terrible management and inneptitude turned me on them. I had enough being frustrated with Tom Bensen. I don't need another team with even worse management.  Other than that, I root for teams whose personel/styles I enjoy watching.  I generally like Chiefs and Vikings, too, though I'm not "hard core" about either.

NBA:  Spurs - I used to have a co-favorite in Phoenix and Phoenix was my 1a team from around 90-97 (drafting of tim Duncan) with Spurs as 1b. The day of the Lottery when the Spurs got the Top Pick, they took over as 1a and Suns dropped to #2. I lost interest in the Suns over the years as I soured on Kidd a little (though I really liked him at first) and I didn't like Starbury.  Their bitching in a few series vs the Spurs turned me on the team.  Nash didn't deserve those MVP's either, IMO. They should belong to Shaq and Kobe respectively.  LeBron should have gotten the one Dirk did, too (or do I have the LeBron and Kobe years backward? either way ... ). Hornets have taken over as my #2 NBA team. I root for them over anyone but the Spurs.


NCAA:  LSU and UL-Lafayette (my respective post-grad and under-grad alma matters, though I was an LSU fan long before I went to school there).  I've always rooted for Florida when they aren't playing LSU, too. I root for Texas unless they are against LSU or in a championship game against the SEC, as well.  Kind of dig Nebraska too, as I have family there.  It's my Mom's home state.

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