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 Posted: Wed Nov 7th, 2007 10:05 pm
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I enjoyed the iPod commercials that featured U2, The Fratellis. Bob Dylan, Caesar, Wolfmother and Jet.

For that matter, I enjoy  the VW commercials that feature music from Wilco's new album, Sky Blue Sky. I also like the nanosecond of love Oasis' All Aroun the World gets from AT&T (shitty company, good band).

Okay, that was a digression.

I don't have cable and my rabbit ears pick up a Fox affiliate from the Southern (B.F) Iowa town of Ottumwa. They broadcast, among other things, Missouri commercials. Needless to say, the state that brought you John Ashcroft has a plethora of shitty commercials. The one that jumps to mind is the Pizza Hut commercial that used Smashmouth music. My girlfriend, a Chicago girl, also commented on the overabundance of pick-up truck adverts on that station.