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 Posted: Thu Apr 28th, 2011 11:57 pm
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The Panthers are going to take Cam Newton and fuck up big time...the only positive with taking him is IMO they will suck again so bad next year, they still could have a shot at getting Luck in the 2012 draft.

BTW, NFL network is showing an interview Deion did with Cam. Two things stand out. One, if the cameras weren't on, I'm fairly certain Primetime would have dropped to his knees and just gave Newton the blowjob of his life. Two, Newton just said one of the dumbest things I've ever heard from an athlete. Talking about Peyton Manning and Brady, he said, and I quote, because I just rewound the DVR to make sure I got exactly what he said:

"Two people they always talk about, as far as preparing for each game, Tom Brady and Peyton Manning, you have to respect them, but one thing that I always look at, and no offense to these guys or those guys is that's not god-given..preparation is not God given.."

No shit dumbass...God given talent has never won a single NFL game, PREPARATION ALWAYS overcomes talent...always...

Well, Im of the opinion that one wouldnt actually have to eat the corn out of Chynas shit to know that nothing good could come of it. - Portalesman