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 Posted: Fri Apr 29th, 2011 01:20 am
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First big surprise and possible REACH


The Minnesota Vikings take Chsitian Ponder, QB, Florida St.

Accuracy: Zips the underneath routes with good accuracy; consistently hitting receivers in stride to best take advantage of teammates' athleticism in FSU's use of quick slants and screens. Keeps his deep-outs low and outside, away from the defender and where only his intended target can make the play. Occasionally forces the receiver to adjust on deeper passes, as his lack of dominant arm strength can cause the ball to float.
Arm Strength: Doesn't own a Matthew Stafford-type howitzer, but has plenty of arm strength to make every NFL throw. Good zip on underneath routes; showcasing enough drive to push the ball through tight windows for the quick slant. Good timing and accuracy make up for a lack of a dominant arm for the deep-out. Effective deep-ball thrower; able to launch the ball 50-plus yards with velocity and trajectory.
Setup/Release: Quick setup and a compact, over-the-top delivery. Good footwork. Willing to take a hit to set his feet and step into his throw. Experienced under center and operating out of the shotgun. Passes have a tight spiral, making his throws easy for his wideouts to track and catch easily.
Reading Defenses: Some legitimate concerns in this area. Has to do a better job of looking off the defender, as he has a tendency to stare-down his primary target. Doesn't always feel the pressure coming when he makes his progressions, especially if his primary target is unexpectedly covered up. Made some critical mistakes late in games throughout his career, including several times in 2010.
n the Move: Mobile quarterback with the vision, agility and straight-line speed to escape the pocket and scramble for positive yardage. Can be too aggressive and leave himself vulnerable to absorbing big hits by electing not to slide. Has a good sense in the pocket. Willing to step up into the pocket or scramble wide, allowing defenders to rush by as he keeps his eyes downfield. Good body control to throw on the move, making him an effective dual threat out of the bootleg. Squares his shoulder and has plenty of arm-strength to drive the ball into mid-range openings in the defense. Can freeze the defender with an effective pump-fake. Knows where the first down marker is and fights hard for the required yardage, showing determination and better than expected leg-drive. Not afraid to get his jersey dirty as a runner or even as a blocker/tackler.
Intangibles: Carries himself like an NFL quarterback. Highly respected team captain who takes his role as a leader seriously. Comfortable leading vocally or by setting the example on and off the field. Earned his Master's Degree in finance and is working on his doctorate. Durability concern. Missed the final three games of the 2009 season with a grade-3 separation of his throwing shoulder and suffered more injuries to this throwing arm (including undergoing two surgeries on his elbow) in 2010. Father, David, played linebacker at Florida State from 1980-83.

Compares to: Tony Romo, Cowboys -- Like Romo (undrafted), Ponder's lack of ideal size and struggles with durability are enough to push him down the board. But his arm strength, accuracy, mobility and intelligence could make him a very effective pro quarterback if he can improve in critical situations.


From Favre to Ponder!

What made them pull the trigger that early, maybe nobody would trade with them.!

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