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 Posted: Fri Apr 29th, 2011 01:30 am
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DE Robert Quinn, North Carolina, goes to St. Louis at the 14th pick.


Pass rush: Inconsistent off the snap. Is often among the last linemen off the ball, though he has such an explosive burst he can still beat the tackle with speed even when late and can leave his opponent grasping at air when he anticipates the snap correctly. Possesses a rare combination of burst and flexibility to dip under the reach of the tackle. Good agility and balance to turn the corner and has very good closing speed. Possesses a good rip move and the footwork to jab-step outside and cut back inside to split the gap; otherwise shows surprisingly little technique.
Run defense: Too light to hold up at the point of attack on rushing plays designed to go directly at him. Possesses good upper-body strength and explosive hands to shed blocks, but can be engulfed and driven off the ball. Doesn't do a good enough job keeping contain, too often slicing inside and losing his gap integrity when he incorrectly judges the speed of the ballcarrier. Good lateral agility, flexibility and balance to change direction and pursue. Good straight-line speed and effort to pursue.
Explosion: Perhaps his best asset. Can explode off the snap and fly by offensive tackles. Opponents have to gameplan around his burst off the edge. Good use of hands to pop the offensive lineman and shed the block. Arrives with a bang as a tackler. Forced eight fumbles in only two seasons.
Strength: Improving in this area and has the frame to handle an additional 10-15 pounds of muscle without a significant loss in quickness or speed. Good, not great strength at the point of attack. Lacks the sand in his pants to hold up against the run, though he does wrench himself free when he has space to operate. Good strength to drag down the ballcarrier.
Tackling: Good lateral agility and balance to break down in space and make the open-field tackle. Generally wraps up, though he'll go for the strip and miss tackles. Only average instincts but gets to the football quickly when he locates it.

Intangibles: Fluid athlete who appears capable of handling the transition to outside linebacker in a 3-4 scheme. Was occasionally asked to drop into coverage while at UNC. Despite his 2010 suspension, those close to the UNC program describe Quinn as a quality person and teammate and are endorsing him to NFL teams. Had his senior season at Ft. Dorchester High School shortened due to brain surgery to remove a benign tumor. Was originally told that the tumor and resulting surgery could end his football career. Has had no known complications following the surgery. Didn't start his first career game but did start the other 25 in his two seasons.

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