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 Posted: Thu Nov 8th, 2007 11:26 pm
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king-of-old-school wrote: Rsapochak wrote: Terry Gordy and Buddy Roberts were doing that tag power bomb spot in '81 in Georgia. That's the first I saw it done.
Would that be the spike piledriver you are thinking of. I don't remember them doing a powebomb.The first I recall is the tag match with the Jumping Bomb Angels and I think it was Judy Martin.

I'm watching some matches right now. While the Freebirds indeed did the "spike piledriver" they also did the very apparent power bomb spots where Roberts would flip they guy into Gordy who would grab him  and power bomb him to the mat, and with pretty good force, I might add. Gordon Solie wasn't calling it a power bomb, of course, he didn't really call it anything, but it's definitely the same manuever as the power bomb.


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