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 Posted: Fri Nov 9th, 2007 04:05 am
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Rsapochak wrote:

Augusta isn't exactly Madison Square Garden, Kiel Auditorium, or Maple Leaf Gardens even if the arena holds 10,000. The perception of the time was the title would only change hands at a major venue like the above. The fact there was two changes in Georgia towns other than Atlanta, I think does give the perception of the title might change anywhere.  And the fact that the card "wasn't advertised" only further lends to the idea that the "title could change anywhere."

Now I don't really know the reason why these titles changed at these venues. I'm only saying that the proposed theory was feasible. I'm not sure that the facts you brought out either prove or disprove anything. I did read in the History of the NWA book that the author who did a lot of research proposed this theory. While I'm not sure of the true reason, I do think this idea has merit.

I didn't say the theory had no merit.

In fact, I tend to believe it does with Gainesville as Gainesville had never been a regular stop and had a brand new arena. Gainesville probably needed all the attendance boost it could get.

I certainly don't have as much insight into the business as Weldon Johnson, but I think I have a decent feel for the Augusta area.

Augusta was perhaps the number two town in the territory before GCW had a working relationship with Fred Ward (and probably #3 - behind Columbus - after). Unlike other Georgia Championship Wrestling towns, Augusta had the high quality cards. They even had their own TV broadcast in the 1950s.

I just find it a little peculiar that neither an ad nor results appeared in the Augusta Chronicle.

Of course, that could be indicative of the promotion as once upon a time, you had an ad and/or results every week in that paper. Starting in the 1980s, the advertising gradually became worse. The Chronicle has always seemingly been a wrestling-friendly paper. Even WCW received good promotion.

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