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 Posted: Fri Nov 9th, 2007 04:31 am
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I wasn't thinking necessarily on the terms of improving the attendance in Augusta or Gainesville, but more along the lines of improving attendance in Alliance venues all over the country. With the publicized win in the smaller venues, I'm thinking smaller venues everywhere might think "they had a shot" at a title change. I'm sure film and publicity of Rich winning the title was used across the country if there were dates for the World Champ in their area. Maybe a place like St Joseph, MO would actually think it wasn't totally impossible to see a title change if Gainesville,GA had one.

The NWA History I was referring to was the one by Tim Hornbaker, not the Jim Wilson book by Johnson. On his commentary of the Tommy Rich situation, he mentions one of the reasons for the 5 day reign was the possibility of popping gates across the alliance.