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 Posted: Wed Jun 8th, 2011 01:04 am
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Chrisstlouis wrote: August 5 1978

Brody beats Dan Hall (STL TV)

August 12, 1978

Brody beats Ed Schaeffer and Dave Patterson

August 19, 1978

Brody beats Frankie Lane

August 26, 1978

Brody beats Spike (Mike) Huber

September 2 1978

Brody beats Wayne Farris

September 9, 1978

Brody beats Don Diamond

September 16, 1978

Brody beats Gary Young

September 23, 1978

Brody/Sweetan/Robley beat DiBiase/Ron Starr/Jose Martinez

September 30, 1978

Brody beats Starr

October 7, 1978

Brody DDQ DiBiase

October 14, 1978

Brody beats Steve Howe

October 21, 1978

Brody/Robley beat Gary Young/Kevin Von Erich

November 11, 1978

Brody draws Terry Funk

November 18, 1978

Funk/DiBiase beat Brody/Doug Patterson

November 25, 1978

Brody/Bob Brown beat Tom Andrews/David Von Erich

December 24, 1978

Brody beats Gil Guerrero

January 7, 1979

Brody beats Pierre LeFebvre


These are incorrect. As I believe those are "air" dates and not the dates of the tapings. For instance the December 24th and January 7th matches were taped on December 10th. The November 11th, 18th and 25th were taped on the 5th.

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