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 Posted: Fri Jun 10th, 2011 02:28 pm
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Famous Mortimer wrote: Sadly, the only way this gets changed is if fans just stop buying tickets at crazy inflated prices. While MLB are making fat $$$ off this, they won't give a damn who buys the tickets or what happens to them once the money is in their hands.


But, talking of surprising starts to the season, losing Adam Wainwright had everyone expecting the Cardinals were going to get destroyed this season. And with Carpenter, the team's other ace, going 2-6, even I was like "ah well, maybe next season". But they're 38-26, and are looking dominant.
But they won't.  Thats what is sad about the entire thing.  MLB actually gets paid twice for those tickets.  First when they go on sale originally, which the brokers snatch up, then they get a chunk from the brokers on the resale.  MLB has zero reason to put a stop to sites like stubhub when they get a chunk of it again. 

Another thing teams are doing(the Cubs are one that I know of) are they sell unsold tickets to a "authorized broker" who then sells the tickets, and give the team a chunk of the money as well.  Again, zero reasons to change things as they get to double dip on ticket sales

srossi, I dont blame you for making sure you had a ticket in hand prior to going, my friend did the same for the tickets, and he is pissed that he paid more than he had to had he waited, but usually if you wait, the tickets are gone, but this time, there are tickets left, but its because they reached the thresh hold on prices

St. Louis is doing pretty good considering.  Cincinnatti has reverted back to what they should be though(a team on the rise).  speaking of surprises, when was the last time 4 of the 5 AL East teams were above .500 this late in the season?

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