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 Posted: Fri Jun 10th, 2011 02:36 pm
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Famous Mortimer wrote: But, talking of surprising starts to the season, losing Adam Wainwright had everyone expecting the Cardinals were going to get destroyed this season. And with Carpenter, the team's other ace, going 2-6, even I was like "ah well, maybe next season". But they're 38-26, and are looking dominant.

St. Louis is one of my surprise team of the season so far, IMO behind maybe only the Pirates, the Dbacks and the Indians (who appear to be returning to earth).  Prior to losing Wainwright, I thought they'd be in contention for the division, but once I found he'd be lost for the season, I dropped them to 4th in what I perceived to be a tight NL Central race, behind MIL, CIN and CHI. 

Once again, they're looking like the cream of that division.

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