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 Posted: Sat Jun 11th, 2011 02:35 pm
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Famous Mortimer wrote: mike3775 wrote:
I actually think if St. Louis had not been a surprise like they have been, Pujols would have been trade bait as well, especially with him playing poorly early, but now that he and the team are doing better, I don't see them trading him now
I did suggest this to Mrs. Mortimer, the Missouri resident, and she was really annoyed at me, like even thinking it would make it more likely to happen. He seems much more involved in the team now, as well, judging from his performances against Chicago and Houston, so maybe we might even keep him after this season.
They will keep him, if he doesn't demand an arm and a leg from the team.  They already refused to pay him $300 million for 10 yrs, but I see them offering 10 yrs $250 million($25 million a year), but there is no way he will get A-Rod money in St. Louis