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 Posted: Mon Jun 13th, 2011 02:29 am
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Angelic Assassin wrote: BayouBoogie wrote:
Angelic Assassin wrote: If the Heat lose how many more stars will they go out and buy?

With what money?

And why? You have a team in their first year with over 3 quarters of the team as new players (one of their key vets, Haslem, just came back a couple of weeks ago - MIke Miller just started paying, too) and they are neck and neck (leading for much of the series) in the NBA finals through 6 games.  They are sitting very pretty right now for the next few seasons.  Add a couple well-fitting role payers, sure, but no need for any "stars".

Meant more in jest than anything. It was pretty obvious that LeBron and Bosh were going to the Heat and even with that kind of talent and what they already had they are in tough against a Dallas team(emphasis on the word team) as I feel the Mavs are more of a team than the Heat are.

Dallas IS more of a team. It's their second year together, for the most part. Pretty much the same team was a one and done in the playoffs last year.

My point is that the Heat have hardly failed (though anything short of a title will be "failure") in terms of reasonable expectations. The team has been together for one year (Haslem - injury, Miller and Bibby have all recently joined the team and played major minutes in the playoffs), with very questionable depth, yet they are in game 6 of the Finals against a very good team and they basically gave away 2 of their 3 losses.