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 Posted: Sun Jun 19th, 2011 03:52 pm
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Toronto, running every second Sunday or so, its the 3rd Sunday so without checking every year ...

Great Hossein WP Dewey Robertson
US TITLE: Ric Flair WP Jimmy Snuka
Angelo Mosca WDQ Ray Stevens
Tony Parisi WP Tim Gerrard
Pedro Morales/Johnny Weaver W Doug Sommers/Steve Muslin
Bob Marcus WP John Forsythe

And a Wildman show in 82

82/06/20 - McKigney; Arena Gardens; Scarborough, ON
The Sheik b. Luis Martinez - Cage match ... Whipper Watson jr. b. Assassin ... George Steele Dble CO vs. Tiger Jeet Singh ... Domenic Denucci & Bruno Sammartino jr. b. Johnny Valiant & Wolfman ... Carolina Kid b. Shawn Blue (midgets) ... Wolfman d.w. Frankie Laine

and 83

83/06/19  Scarborough (Arena), ON
Destroyer/The General w Bobo Brazil/Tiger Jeet Singh
The Sheik w Luis Martinez
Tammy Love w Angie Blackburn
JR Hogg w/dq The Wolfman
Joey DiMonte draw Mark Green

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