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 Posted: Fri Jun 24th, 2011 12:16 am
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May 27th, 1985 (Montreal Forum)
Abdullah the Butcher vs. King Tonga (DQ, but I don’t know who…) (10 :35)

If this is the match I'm thinking of it then I was at that card and it was a heel vs heel match with Eddie Creatchman managing Abdullah and Tarzan Tyler managing King Tonga. They were running angle that had both Managers trying to be the # 1 Manager in the area. What had happened was that Creatchman took some time off to be with his sick wife and asked Tyler to take over his stable which included Abdullah, King Tonga, Richard Charland and a few others. After Creathman returned some of his former wrestlers came back to him but Charland and Tonga stayed with Tyler which was the start of the angle. Anyway - Abdullah was eventually DQ'd when Butch Reed ran into the ring and attacked King Tonga. I think I was one of the few people there that night that actually knew who Reed was. A few weeks later Charland turned on his partner and Tyler put up a bounty of King Tonga. And that's when King Tonga became a face in Montreal.  

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