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 Posted: Tue Jul 12th, 2011 12:53 am
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Rodriguez is very iffy unless he gets traded to an AL team where he can be the DH and be in the line up more.

If he's traded to the Giants he will be an instant starter.Eli Whiteside and Chris Stweart are good for 3 hits a week combined.
But they already have their starting catcher for the next few years with Posey. 

I give Rodriguez credit, he has lasted forever as a catcher, but its caught up to him, and sadly either going to 1B or DH are the only real options available for him to get the necessary hits, as his days as a starting catcher are limited

When he had that cup of coffee with the Yanks, I thought he was done.  He was just awful.  And that was a few years back and he's still hanging in there.  I don't think he makes 3,000 though.
Its still possible, if he is a DH only in the AL and only bats, he can easily rack up the hits to get 3000, but its doubtful he could or will do it though

Would YOU want IRod DHing for your team though? I don't think a .250 hitter with limited power is any AL team's idea of a successful DH.

The role he's in now is probably the best he can hope for since, as a catcher, he's still a better hitter that half of those in the league. Defensively though, I've heard he's lost a lot.

My Tigers should take a shot @ him during the trade deadline? they have a bunch of .250 hitters, and guys who cant play still on their roster, whats 1 more gonna hurt?

We "miss out" on signing: Berkman/Abreau b/c Mr D doesnt want to pay them alot, yet, turns around, and gives Vmart $50+ mill.....Berkman's got over 20 hr's? makes sense. We couldve had berkman, if Dombrowski ponies up another million, but where does that go? to fucking SHITTY JOEL STINKMAYA........WHO IS(SURPRISE) INJURED YET AGAIn......UN FUCKING BELIEVEABLE

We keep garbage like: Inge/Guillen and Stinkmaya, yet, cant seem to sign guys to help please, give Pudge another try? I like Maggs, but not @ $8 mill, and he's been injured all year.

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