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 Posted: Sun Nov 11th, 2007 01:51 am
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HBF wrote: In the old 8mm tapes of Backlund in the AWA, he wrestles Khaziri and also Duncum.  However, in the Duncum match, Backlund is running around very cowardly and I could not figure out what the deal was.  Wasn't he supposed to be the babyface?  Any idea what the hell is actually going on there.
KHawk-I think I got this footage from you so if you know the story, I am all ears.


I have no real explanation for that. Maybe they did some role-reversal because the crowd was hostile towards the faces that night?

I have to imagine that happened in some of the cities even back then. Maybe that was one of them.

Just a guess on my part, though.

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