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 Posted: Wed Aug 10th, 2011 11:52 pm
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dbaker3179 wrote: 10/5/77 Bangor, ME
Jack Evans beat Johnny Rivera
Baron Mikel Scicluna draw Larry Zbyzsko
Mr. Fuji & Toru Tanaka beat Peter Maivia & Chief Jay Strongbow
Tony Garea beat Pete Doherty
Butcher Vachon beat Lenny Hurst
Ivan Putski beat Stan Stasiak by countout

10/5/77 Bridgetown, NJ
Johnny Rodz beat Johnny Rivera
Dennis Johnson beat Frankie Williams
Chief Jay Strongbow beat Stan Stasiak(sub for Superstar Billy Graham) by countout
Golden Terror beat Lenny Hurst
Mr. Fuji & Toru Tanaka beat Larry Zbyzsko & Tony Garea

The Bridgetown card interests me naturally.  May I ask where you seen, or got it from?  I know the Bangor card is correct.  Because i was in Bangor myself to get the clippings to verify Grahams booking for that city.  Bridgetown being listed the same day is what inerests me.  I can not see a matinee on a wednesday.  I am wondering if that card was held on a different day.  The 6th perhaps? New Jersey was big on Monday and Thursday cards.   It is a date i want to research out personally this fall.  But curious if you seen a clipping or a program.

On the both cards are Fuji, Tanaka, Garea, Zbyzsco, Strongbow, Rivera, Stasiak, Hurst, and Graham it would seem now.  Graham was to be defending against Putski in Bangor, and Stasiak filled in for him.  So that makes Graham booked for both cards also by reading the bridgetown results.  It is why I am wondering if this card has the wrong date assigned to it.

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