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Memorial Day 1971

5/31/71 Abilene, TX @ Fairgrounds Round Building
The Infernos & JC Dykes beat Jerry Kozak & Benny Wilson & The Lawman (sub Dory Funk Sr) dq
Killer Karl Kox drew Ricky Romero 45:00
Duke Myers beat Ron Paul

5/31/71 Charlotte, NC @ Park Center
George Becker & Johnny Weaver & Argentina Apollo beat Rip Hawk & Swede Hanson & Gary Hart 2/3
1.    Becker & Weaver & Apollo won 1st fall
2.    Hawk & Hanson & Hart won 2nd fall
3.    Becker & Weaver & Apollo won 3rd fall
Sandy Scott beat Matti Suzuki
Rock Hunter & Pampero Firpo beat Jesse James & Luther Lindsey
Danny Miller beat Jim Grabmire

5/31/71 Danville, VA @ City Armory
No dq Match
Brute Bernard & Missouri Mauler beat Paul Jones & Nelson Royal 2/3
1.    Bernard pinned Jones in 10:39
2.    Royal pinned Mauler in 3:25
3.    Bernard pinned Royal
Koa Tiki beat El Gaucho on a 3rd fall dq
Penny Banner beat Belle Starr via pin in 14:56
Les Thatcher beat Butch Jackson via pin in 8:17

5/31/71 El Paso, TX @ Coliseum
Referee Al Lovelock, Russian Chain Match
Dory Funk Sr (sub Terry Funk) beat Ciclon Negro
Lorenzo Parente & Bobby Hart beat Bobby Duncum & Woody Farmer
Harley Race drew Mr Wrestling
Don Duffy beat Chief Little Eagle
Note: Terry Funk was reportedly suffering from a cracked vertabra.

5/31/71 Fort Worth, TX
Toru Tanaka no contest Fritz Von Erich
Pepper Gomez & Mr Wrestling Tim Woods beat Scandor Akbar & Bob Ramstead
Thunderbolt Patterson beat Gorgeous George Jr
Betty Niccoli drew Sandy Partlow
George Scott beat Benji Ramirez

5/31/71 Greenville, SC @ Memorial Auditorium
Masked Marvels beat Gene Anderson & Art Nelson
Jim Dillon & Joe Furr beat Joe Turner & Bill Bowman
Tommy Seigler beat Nick Russo
Bob Griffin beat Johnny Heidman

5/31/71 Memphis, TN @ Ellis Auditorium
Tojo Yamamoto & Jerry Jarrett beat Don Greene & Al Greene to win Southern Tag Title
Len Rossi & Bearcat Brown beat The Alaskans
Gary Martin & Jackie Fargo beat The Samoans

5/31/71 Orlando, FL @ Sports Stadium
Jack Brisco & Bob Roop beat Dick Murdoch & Dale Lewis
Russian Death Match
Great Malenko beat Louie Tillet
Robert Fuller & Ron Fuller & The Grappler beat Ronnie Garvin & Rene Goulet & Original Grappler
Duke Keomuka beat Mr Okuma
John Heath beat Cisco Grimaldo

5/31/71 Shreveport, LA @ Municipal Auditorium
North American Champion Dusty Rhodes beat Grizzly Smith on a 3rd fall COR
Billy Red Lyons & Tom Jones beat Spoiler I & Spoiler II 2/3 to win US Tag Title
Bobby Shane beat Pedro Columbo
Randy Curtis drew Chuck Karbo 20:00

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