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Memorial Day 1974.

5/27/74 Augusta, GA @ Bell Auditorium
Ole Anderson & Gene Anderson vs Andre the Giant & Bob Armstrong
US Junior Heavyweight Champion Louie Tillet vs Pat Patterson
Great Malenko vs Pat O’Connor
Big Bad John vs Dennis Stamp
Bob Sweetan vs Steve Keirn

5/27/74 Charlotte, NC @ Park Center
Two Referees
Swede Hanson beat Super Destroyer dq when Super D brought a steel chair inside the ring
Mr Ota & Mr Hayashi beat Sandy Scott & Abe Jacobs
Gene Lewis beat Scott Casey
Frank Morrell drew Billy Ash 20:00

5/27/74 El Paso, TX @ County Coliseum
Russian Chain Match
Jim Dillon beat The Lawman
Western States Tag Team Champions Dory Funk Jr & Ricky Romero beat The Patriots
1. Dory Jr beat Patriot II in 4:44
2. Patriot II pinned Dory Jr after a leg drop
3. Ricky Romero beat one of the Patriots via pin with a jack knife
Western States Champion Karl Von Steiger drew Dick Murdoch
Judo Jacket Match
Akio Sato beat Kung Fu Lee dq when Lee tossed Sato over the top rope
Nick Kozak beat Bob Backlund via pin in 18:45 with an Olympic Roll

5/27/74 Greenville, SC @ Memorial Auditorium
Bearcat Wright beat Mid Atlantic Champion Johnny Valentine dq
Mid Atlantic TV Champion Ivan Koloff beat Paul Jones
Rip Hawk & Ric Flair beat Danny Miller & Nelson Royal
Tiger Conway Jr beat George Two Ton Harris
Les Thatcher drew Pedro Godoy

5/27/74 Long Island, NY @ Nassau Coliseum
WWWF Champion Bruno Sammartino ddq Nikolai Volkoff at 16:41 when referee
Dick Kroll was tossed out of the ring
Fabulous Moolah beat Sharon Brooks in 16:21
Otto Von Heller drew Dean Ho 13:05
Tony Garea beat Ed Sullivan via pin in 12:25
Jose Gonzalez beat Tito Torres via pin in 10:26
Mark Tendler beat Tony Altomare by default in 10:05
SD Jones beat Luis Torres via pin in 13:59
att: 2,661

5/27/74 Memphis, TN @ Mid South Coliseum
Jerry Lawler dcor Ricky Gibson
No Time Limit, No dq, Hair vs Masks Match
Bobo Brazil & Bearcat Brown beat The Infernos
Eddie Marlin ddq Al Greene
Steve Kovac beat Ronnie Blaystein
Tommy Gilbert beat Red Shadow
Lou Thesz beat Pepe Lopez
Joey Rossi beat Melvin Kimble
att: 9,144

5/27/74 Orlando, FL @ Sports Stadium
Lights Out Match
Mike Graham beat Gary Hart
Pak Song beat Dusty Rhodes dq
Don Muraco & Tony Charles beat Bobby Duncum & The Samoan
Tom Jones beat Sputnik Monroe
Les Thornton beat Silento Rodriguez
Sputnik Monroe beat JC Smith

5/27/74 Pine Bluff, AR
Billy McGuire & Benny McGuire vs Mr. Ito & Sung Yung Kung
Siegfreid Stanke vs Don Anderson
Tony Russo vs John Black

5/27/74 Shreveport, LA @ Municipal Auditorium
NWA Jr Heavyweight Champion Ken Mantell beat Buck Robley
Arman Hussian beat Gunga Din
Bull Ramos beat Luke Brown via pin after a body slam
Donna Christantello beat Vicki Williams
Toni Rose beat Joyce Grable
Joyce Brable won a 5 woman Battle Royal

5/27/74 Tulsa, OK @ Assembly Center
Mr Wrestling beat Scandor Akbar
Red McKim drew Terry Lathan
Bill Martinez drew Bob Drummer
Bill Martinez & Randy Tyler beat Chief White Cloud & Chief Thundercloud

5/27/74 West Palm Beach, FL @ Auditorium
North American Champion Buddy Colt vs Eddie Graham
Florida Tag Team Champions Hollywood Blondes Buddy Roberts & Jerry Brown vs Ron Fuller & Robert Fuller
Danny Hodge vs Harley Race
Roberto Soto vs Chris Markoff
Hiro Matsuda vs George McCreary
Terry Sawyer vs Lorenzo Parente

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