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 Posted: Sat Aug 20th, 2011 04:19 pm
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assume you were only listing ones after you were born but here's some older ones too from Ontario ,

was at this card btw but what the heck is this about
WWF World Champion Bob Backlund (sub. for Dino Bravo) defeated Ken Patera via disqualification at 24:14; the bout between Bravo and Patera was to have been a No DQ contest

52/08/19 Oshawa, ON Oshawa Arena
Whipper Watson/Bobo Brazil vs Roberto Pico/Hans Hermann
George Scott vs Dan O’Connor
Sandor Kovacs vs Wee Willie Davis

58/08/19 Oshawa, ON Kinsmen Stadium
World Title: Dick Hutton W Yukon Eric
Dara Singh/Wilbur Snyder W Bob Orton/Karl Kulaski
Maurice Lapointe W/DQ Lee Henning

65/08/19 Toronto
Whipper Billy Watson/Johnny Valentine
W Gene Kiniski/Waldo Von Erich
Professor Hiro W Andy Robin
Seaman Art Thomas W Stamford Murphy
The Beast W Jerry London 
Tony Marino W Joe Killer Christie
Bob Leipler D Tony Manous

83/08/19 - Port Carling, ON
Bobo Brazil & Johnny Valiant b. Chris Colt & Destroyer #1 ... Candi Devine b. Diane Hoffman ... Chris Colt b. Joey War Eagle ... Gentle Ben (wrestling bear) b. Mark Greer ... Vic Rossitani b. Blackjack Johnson by DQ