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 Posted: Thu May 29th, 2008 04:08 am
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Okay, does any have any stories or accounts of almost getting into it or pissing off a professional athlete? 

Back in the late 80's or early 90's, I went to a Pirates game with a group of friends to a Pittsburgh Pirates baseball game as they faced off against the St. Louis Cardinals. (Maybe a home opener)  We spent the good part of the afternoon slugging down a keg in the parking lot of Three Rivers Stadium, typical tail-gating. 

We went into the game and our seats were right in the middle of centerfield.  Between innings, the popular song was "Centerfield" by ex-CCR member John Fogerty.  Things were foggy, but I remember doing some ad-libbing and many of us were singing new words for the song.

Instead of singing...

Oh, put me in, coach - I’m ready to play today;

Put me in, coach - I’m ready to play today;

Look at me, I can be centerfield.

We sang...

Willie does coke - He's ready to play today;

Willie does coke - He's ready to play today;

(Forgot this line)

The centerfielder was Willie McGee.  This was around the time period when the coke scandal was still pretty hot around baseball.  I have no idea if McGee was one of those who allegedly participated in the coke recreation, but we were out there serenading him.  He did not seem to like this too well, so then it became an inning by inning issue.  Each time he came out for his warm-up throws the chastising would begin.  After a few innings of this, he walked over to the outfield wall and challenged all or nay of us to come down there and say these things to his face.  Three Rivers Stadium was one of those cereal-bowl specials so there was really no way to get down to him unless you would walk around to either the left or right field areas.  My one jackass friend was worried because he thought Willie would come up after us, and I tried to explain that Willie would actually have to go through the stands, then run up some ramps, find the right section, etc.  Nothing came of it, but I sort of fill bad, because now I would look upon that gang as being a bunch of drunken morons.  And Willie really did not do anything.


My second incident was a real embarrassment.  I was home on leave and flying out of Pittsburgh after being home for Xmas and New Year's.  Another guy that was in the service with me took leave laos so we met at the Pittsburgh Airport to travel back together.  The flight was from Pittsburgh to Chicago.  You were still permitted to smoke in the planes at that time.  I was smoking back then.  The guy in front of me boarded after me, so I never saw him.  Well into the flight, I lit one up and the guy in front of me seemed to be agitated by the smoke coming from behind him.  Seeing this, I got pissed and began deliberately blowing my smoke onto the back of his head.  The guy never said anything.  The flight went on and I was reading the Sunday newspaper and commenting on the Pittsburgh teams and since it was January, I know I was talking about the Steelers.  The plane lands and I said something to my buddy like, "I want to see what that ass looks like that kept turning around trying to look over the seat." 

The guy gets up and goes to remove some carry-on luggage from up above, and behold, it was the Emperor Chaz, Chuck Noll!  I almost fell over right there.  He gave me stern stare and then I did not what to do?  Apologize and probably be told how much of a dick I was to him?  I just let it go, but then I was the one feeling like an ass.   

Now, I see why smoking was banned from plane flights.

Anybody have any of these stories? 

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