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 Posted: Thu May 29th, 2008 01:03 pm
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First one that springs to my mind was probably late in the 1992 season at Fenway Park.  About a half a dozen other guys (some of who were Yankees fans) and myself got seats along the left field line for a Red Sox/Yanks matchup.  (For the record, this is not as premium a score in 1992 as it would be today; this is under the Red Sox old, "stay the course, don't rock the boat" ownership regime, and both the Yankees and Red Sox fielded pretty dismal teams around this time).

Anyway, Mel Hall--who was openly dating a high school girl at the time, and even took her to her prom, IIRC, despite his being in his 30's--was playing LF.  Well, my buddies and I were pretty well lubricated by the later innings during this otherwise unforgettable game, just started tearing into poor ol' Mel pretty relentlessly.  Pedophilia jokes, and other high brow humor that you'd expect from twenty-something college jackasses.  Meanwhile, Hall's getting noticably agitated.  Eventually security finally comes over in about the sixth inning and tells a few of us--including one Yankees fan who wasn't even heckling Hall--that we have to leave.

So the best part of the story?  We get escorted out by security, go across the street to the souvenier store for about ten minutes, come out, and look back at the ballpark.  The gates are deserted.  My Yankees friend says, "I bet we can get back in" and I say, "I bet you're right".  We just strolled right back in, and returned to our original seats.  My Yankees friend was in awe, saying that our success in getting back in was just about the most ridiculous thing ever.  "What a joke," he said.  "That never would've happened in Yankee Stadium."  I had no argument.  He was right.    

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