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 Posted: Thu May 29th, 2008 05:06 pm
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Wasn't an athlete but a coach. It was during the Metro Atlantic Conference basketball tournament a few years ago. It was the first round, so games were played all day and into the night. The nightcap was Loyola of Maryland against St. Peter's (located in Jersey) or someone like that. No one from the two schools made the trip to Buffalo for the tourney.

So the game is taking forever. There's literally a handful of people left in the building, and it is after midnight. Loyola is down by about 30 points and their coach is still making tons of substitutions and calling one timeout after another. My brothers and I start getting all over their coach.

"Yeah, curse at them some more, thats been working all game!"
"Yes, make some more substitutions, maybe you'll get the deficit down to 25!"

With about 40 seconds left, we called for the coach to put in a player that had already fouled out of the game. Clearly puzzled and agitated, he turns around and says, "I can't guys, he's already fouled out! Leave me alone!"