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 Posted: Thu May 29th, 2008 05:52 pm
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Albany (GA) had a few minor league teams in the 1990s. Just about anybody who was a prospect for the Expos came through there, including Vladimir Guerrero. However at this point, they were an Orioles team with Armando Benitez.

I had to go through the Baseball Cube to get the details about which team this was and the full name of the player. I could remember it was Wayne, but nothing else. I'm pretty sure I remember most of the other details.

Albany was playing the Charleston (WV) Wheelers in the Polecats' cramped dump of a ballpark in 1993. Then again, if it's in Albany, 'dump' should be automatically assumed; it's a disaster of a city.

Wayne Wilkerson was struggling that day. After his third swinging strikeout, the abuse began from those of us sitting behind the visiting dugout. He must've been given some encouragement by first name, as that's how the fans were heckling him.

Lookin' good, Wayne!

Kid, you're supposed to hit the ball!

Plate appearance #4. Fourth strikeout. Swinging again.

Hey Wayne! (followed by other one liners)

Wayne looked up at the crowd and told us what we could do with ourselves. That didn't help his cause.

I see 1993 was his last year in baseball.

Jeff George's return as a Raider to the Georgia Dome against the Falcons was a hoot. Even when he shown on instant replay, he was loudly booed.

George, being the good sport that he is, took a victory lap around the field after they won. Surprised nobody tried to kill him at that point.

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