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WCCW Labor Day Star Wars Events

September 5, 1983 Fort Worth, TX
1. Iceman Parsons beat Buddy Roberts.
2. Bruiser Brody beat Kimala via DQ in a "lumberjack" match.
3. Kerry Von Erich beat Michael Hayes in a "country whipping" match.
4. Kevin Von Erich beat World Class American Champ Jimmy Garvin via DQ.
5. World Class Texas Champ David Von Erich beat Terry Gordy in three falls.
6. World Class Six Man Tag Champs The Freebirds beat Kerry, Kevin, & David Von Erich when Hayes pinned Kerry

September 3, 1984 in Fort Worth, TX
1. George Weingroff pinned Kelly Kiniski.
2. Chris Adams pinned Jake Roberts to win the World Class TV Title.
3. Jules Strongbow & Buck Zumhoffe beat Bill & Scott Irwin.
4. Michael Hayes beat The Missing Link via DQ.
5. Kerry Von Erich beat Bruce Reed via DQ in an "arm wrestling" match.
6. Iceman Parsons & Skip Young beat Koko Ware & Norvell Austin via DQ.
7. Gino Hernandez pinned Mike Von Erich to win the World Class American Title.
8. Killer Khan beat Terry Gordy in a "no DQ spike" match.
9. Kerry & Kevin Von Erich beat The Freebirds in a "handicap steel cage loser leaves town elimination" match to win the World Class Six Man Tag Title.
          Kerry was pinned.
          Kevin pinned Hayes.
          Kevin pinned Roberts.
          Kevin pinned Gordy.

September 2, 1985 in Fort Worth, TX
1. Kelly Kinsiki pinned Jim Powers.
2. World Class TV Champ John Tatum pinned Steve Casey.
3. Gino Hernandez pinned Brian Adias to win the World Class Texas Title.
4. Bruiser Brody beat One Man Gang via DQ.
5. Kevin Von Erich pinned Chris Adams.
6. Mark Lewin pinned Iceman Parsons.
7. Brian Adias, Kerry & Kevin Von Erich beat One Man Gang, Mark Lewin, & Jack Victory to win the World Class Six Man Tag Title when Kerry pinned Lewin.

September 1, 1986 in Fort Worth, TX
1. Kevin Sullivan & Mark Lewin beat Brad & Bart Batten.
2. Buzz Sawyer & Matt Borne beat Kevin & Mike Von Erich when Kevin was counted out.
3. Chris & Mark Youngblood beat Rick Rude & Jos LeDuc via DQ.
4. Dingo Warrior & Socko beat Tim Brooks & The Grappler.
5. Buzz Sawyer & Matt Borne beat Kevin Sullivan & Mark Lewin when Sawyer pinned Sullivan.
6. Chris & Mark Youngblood beat Jerry & Ted Oates.
7. Dingo Warrior & Socko beat Brian Adias & Scott Casey.
8. Lance Von Erich & Chris Adams beat Dingo Warrior & Socko when Socko was pinned.
9. Buzz Sawyer & Matt Borne beat Chris & Mark Youngblood.
10. Buzz Sawyer & Matt Borne beat Lance Von Erich & Chris Adams to win the vacant WCCW Tag Title when Sawyer pinned Von Erich.
11. WCCW Champ Chris Adams beat Rick Rude via DQ.
12. Abdullah the Butcher beat Bruiser Brody via DQ.

September 7, 1987 in Fort Worth, TX
1. The Spoiler beat Tony Falk in a "whipping" match.
2. Vince Apollo beat Vic Steamboat.
3. Tim Brooks beat Al Madril.
4. The Spoiler & Matt Borne beat Ted Arcidi & Percy Pringle in a "tug-o-war."
5. WCCW Texas Champ Ted Arcidi beat Matt Borne.
6. Steve & Shaun Simpson beat Eric Embry & Frankie Lancaster to win the WCCW Tag Title.
7. WCCW Brass Knuckles Champ Tony Atlas beat Brian Adias.
8. WCCW Champ Al Perez beat Kevin Von Erich via countout.

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