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1984-01-05  Salem, OR vs. Tia  W  
1984-01-05  Salem, OR vs. Ed Wiskoski  W  
1984-01-05  Salem, OR vs. The Assassin  L DQ 
1984-01-06  Eugene, OR vs. The Assassin & Rip Oliver w/ Curt Hennig L  
1984-01-07  Portland, OR vs. The Assassin & Rip Oliver w/ Curt Hennig W DQ 
1984-01-11  Medford, OR vs. The Assassin & Rip Oliver w/ Curt Hennig W  
1984-01-14  Portland, OR vs. The Assassin & Rip Oliver & Matt Borne w/ Curt Hennig & Jules Strongbow D  
1984-01-16  Tacoma, WA vs. The Assassin  W  
1984-01-17  Portland, OR vs. Matt Borne  D  
1984-01-18  Seattle, WA vs. The Assassin & Rip Oliver w/ Curt Hennig W  
1984-01-19  Salem, OR vs. The Assassin & Rip Oliver w/ Curt Hennig W  
1984-01-20  Eugene, OR vs. The Assassin & Rip Oliver & Matt Borne w/ Curt Hennig & Jules Strongbow L  
1984-01-21  Portland, OR vs. The Assassin & Rip Oliver w/ Curt Hennig W  
1984-01-22  Buckley, WA vs. The Assassin  D  
1984-01-23  Seaside, OR vs. The Assassin  W  
1984-01-25  Hood River, OR vs. The Assassin  W  
1984-01-26  Salem, OR vs. The Assassin & Mike Miller w/ Jules Strongbow L  
1984-01-27  Eugene, OR vs. Doug Sommers  W  
1984-02-01  Seattle, WA vs. The Assassin & Rip Oliver w/ Curt Hennig W  
1984-02-02  Salem, OR vs. The Assassin & Mike Miller w/ Curt Hennig W DQ 
1984-02-05  Portland, OR vs. Steve Pardi  W  
1984-02-09  Salem, OR vs. The Assassin & Mike Miller w/ Curt Hennig W  
1984-02-10  Eugene, OR vs. The Assassin  L  
1984-02-11  Portland, OR vs. The Assassin & Rip Oliver w/ Curt Hennig L  
 * Lost Pacific Northwest Tag Team Title       
1984-02-28  Memphis, TN vs. "The Bruise Brothers" w/ Harley Davidson W  
1984-03-05  Memphis, TN vs. "The Fabulous Ones" w/ Spike Huber L  
1984-03-06  Louisville, KY vs. Rick Rude  W DQ 
1984-03-08  Lexington, KY vs. "The A-Team" w/ Spike Huber L  
1984-03-12  Memphis, TN vs. King Konga & The Black Ninja & The Executioner w/ Spike Huber & Dutch Mantel W  
1984-03-14  Hanover, IN vs. Jimmy Hart & Wendy Richter w/ Princess Victoria W  
1984-03-18  Memphis, TN vs. King Konga  D  
1984-03-22  Crothersville, IN vs. King Konga  D  
1984-03-26  Memphis, TN vs. unknown & unknown w/ Rick McCord   
1984-03-27  Louisville, KY vs. Rick McCord  W  
1984-04-02  Memphis, TN vs. Jesse Ortega  D  
1984-04-03  Louisville, KY vs. Ox Baker  L  
1984-04-05  Marengo, IN vs. The Assassin (Don Bass)  W  
1984-04-09  Memphis, TN vs. Ox Baker  L  
1984-04-10  Louisville, KY vs. The Super Gladiator (Omar Atlas)  W  
1984-04-12  Lexington, KY vs. Paul Christy  W DQ 
1984-04-16  Memphis, TN vs. King Konga  W DQ 
1984-04-17  Louisville, KY vs. Jim Neidhart  L  
1984-04-23  Memphis, TN vs. King Konga & "The Japanese Assassins" w/ Tiger Mask & Brickhouse Brown W  
1984-04-24  Louisville, KY vs. A-Team #1  W  
1984-04-30  Memphis, TN vs. Ox Baker & Japanese Assassin #1 w/ Bugsy McGraw W  
1984-05-07  Memphis, TN vs. Jim Neidhart  L  
1984-05-14  Memphis, TN vs. "The Zambuie Express" w/ Bugsy McGraw L  
1984-05-21  Memphis, TN vs. Randy Savage  L  
1984-05-28  Memphis, TN vs. Porkchop Cash  W  
1984-06-04  Memphis, TN vs. Koko Ware & Norvell Austin w/ Dutch Mantel D  
1984-06-11  Memphis, TN vs. Masao Ito  W DQ 
1984-06-18  Memphis, TN vs. Jim Neidhart  L  
1984-06-24  Louisville, KY vs. Jim Neidhart  L  
1984-06-25  Memphis, TN vs. "The Scorpions" w/ Porkchop Cash W  
1984-07-02  West Palm Beach, FL vs. One Man Gang  W  
1984-07-03  Tampa, FL vs. One Man Gang  W  
1984-07-07  Lakeland, FL vs. Chavo Guerrero  W  
1984-07-08  Orlando, FL vs. Black Bart  W  
1984-07-09  West Palm Beach, FL vs. The Saint  W  
1984-07-10  Tampa, FL vs. Jerry Gray  W  
1984-07-11  Fort Lauderdale, FL vs. Black Bart  W DQ 
1984-07-15  Orlando, FL vs. The Saint  W  
1984-07-16  West Palm Beach, FL vs. The Saint  W  
1984-07-18  Miami, FL vs. The Saint  W  
1984-07-21  Fort Lauderdale, FL vs. Denny Brown  W  
1984-07-22  Orlando, FL vs. Black Bart  W  
1984-07-25  Miami, FL vs. Mando Guerrero & Hector Guerrero w/ Mike Rotundo W  
1984-07-29  Ocala, FL vs. The Saint    
1984-07-29  Orlando, FL vs. Billy Graham  W  
 * Won Florida Heavyweight Title       
1984-07-31  Tampa, FL vs. Mando Guerrero & Hector Guerrero w/ Mike Rotundo L  
1984-07-31  Tampa, FL vs. Billy Graham  W  
1984-08-01  Miami, FL vs. Mando Guerrero & Hector Guerrero w/ Joe Lightfoot L  
1984-08-01  Miami, FL vs. Billy Graham  W  
1984-08-02  Lake City, FL vs. Ric Flair  L  
1984-08-08  Miami, FL vs. Ron Bass  W  
1984-08-15  Fort Lauderdale, FL vs. Mando Guerrero & Hector Guerrero w/ Joe Lightfoot W  
1984-08-15  Fort Lauderdale, FL vs. Kevin Sullivan  W  Steel Cage Match
1984-08-19  Orlando, FL vs. The Saint  W  
1984-08-22  Sunrise, FL vs. Mike Graham    
1984-08-24  Ocala, FL vs. Buck Robley    
1984-08-26  Sarasota, FL vs. The Saint  W  
1984-08-29  Miami Beach, FL vs. The Saint  W  
1984-09-04  Fort Myers, FL vs. Buck Robley    
1984-09-05  Miami Beach, FL vs. The Saint    Death Match
1984-09-15  Tallahassee, FL vs. Jim Neidhart  W  
1984-09-17  West Palm Beach, FL vs. The Saint  W  
1984-09-23  Sarasota, FL vs. Dick Slater  D  
1984-09-25  Tampa, FL vs. Dick Slater  W DQ 
1984-09-26  Gainesville, FL vs. The Saint  D  
1984-09-30  Orlando, FL vs. Jesse Barr  D  
1984-10-01  West Palm Beach, FL vs. Jesse Bare  D  
1984-10-02  Tampa, FL vs. Dory Funk, Jr.  D  
1984-10-03  Miami, FL vs. Jesse Barr & Dory Funk, Jr. & Buck Robley w/ Mike Graham & Angelo Mosca, Jr. W  
1984-10-07  Orlando, FL vs. Jesse Barr & Dory Funk, Jr. w/ Mike Graham W CO 
1984-10-09  Tampa, FL vs. Jesse Barr & Dory Funk, Jr. w/ Mike Graham L  
1984-10-10  Orlando, FL vs. Jesse Barr  W DQ 
1984-10-11  Miami, FL vs. Jesse Barr  W DQ 
1984-10-12  Ocala, FL vs. Jesse Barr & Dory Funk, Jr. & Dick Slater w/ Mike Graham & Billy Jack   
1984-10-14  Orlando, FL vs. Jesse Barr  L  
 * Lost Florida Heavyweight Title       
1984-10-16  Tampa, FL vs. Larry Hamilton  W  
1984-10-18  Ocala, FL vs. Krusher Kruschev & Jim Neidhart  w/ Angelo Mosca, Jr.   
1984-10-20  St. Petersburg, FL vs. Jesse Barr  D  
1984-10-21  Orlando, FL vs. Jesse Barr  L  
1984-10-23  Tampa, FL vs. Kevin Sullivan  D  
1984-10-27  Miami, FL vs. Jesse Barr  L  
1984-10-28  Ocala, FL vs. Ric Flair    
1984-10-30  Tampa, FL vs. Jesse Barr  W DQ 
1984-10-31  Fort Lauderdale, FL vs. Jesse Barr  L  
1984-11-04  Orlando, FL vs. Jesse Barr  L  
1984-11-05  West Palm Beach, FL vs. Jesse Barr  L  
1984-11-06  Tampa, FL vs. Bob Backlund  L  
1984-11-10  Sarasota, FL vs. Bob Backlund  L  
1984-12-05 UWF  vs. Masami Soronaka    
1984-12-11  Tampa, FL vs. Jesse Barr  L  
1984-12-12  Miami Beach, FL vs. Jesse Barr    
1984-12-16  Orlando, FL vs. Rick McCord  W  
1984-12-25  Tampa, FL vs. Tony Diamato  W  
1984-12-25  Tampa, FL Battle Royal (tag team) w/ Michael Hayes W  
1984-12-26  Miami Beach, FL vs. Rick McCord  W  
1984-12-30  Orlando, FL vs. Jack Hart  W  
1984-12-30  Orlando, FL vs. "The PYT Express" w/ Frankie Laine W  
1985-01-01  Tampa, FL vs. "The PYT Express" w/ Frankie Laine D  
1985-01-03  Jacksonville, FL vs. Mike Golden  W  
1985-01-05  Lakeland, FL vs. Jack Hart  W  
1985-01-06  Orlando, FL vs. "The PYT Express" w/ Pez Whatley L  
1985-01-08  Tampa, FL vs. Sweet Brown Sugar    
1985-01-09  Miami Beach, FL vs. Jack Hart  W  
1985-01-13  Orlando, FL vs. King Cobra  W  
1985-01-15  Tampa, FL vs. Mike Golden  W  
1985-01-19  Sarasota, FL vs. King Cobra  W  
1985-01-24  Ocala, FL vs. Mike Golden  W  
1985-02-13  Hull, England vs. Marty Jones  D  
1985-02-19  Croydon, England vs. Steve Logan  W  
1985-02-22  Dartford, England vs. Caswell Martin  D  
1985-02-25  York, England vs. Steve Logan  W  
1985-03-01  Oldham, England vs. Dave Finlay  L  
1985-03-05  Wolverhampton, England vs. Scrubber Daly  W  
1985-03-05  Wolverhampton, England vs. Dave Finlay  W DQ 
1985-03-07  Glasgow, Scotland vs. Barry Douglas  W  
1985-03-11  Derby, England vs. Drew McDonald  W  
1985-03-13  Scunthorpe, England vs. Drew McDonald  L  
1985-03-14  Bristol, England vs. Barry Douglas  W  
1985-03-15  Cardiff, Wales vs. Steve Logan  W  
1985-03-18  York, England vs. Marty Jones  L  
1985-03-19  Croydon, England vs. Marty Jones  L DQ 
1985-03-20  Southend, England vs. Lennie Hurst  W  
1985-03-20  Southend, England vs. Marty Jones  D  
1985-03-21  Nottingham, England vs. Bearcat Wright  W DQ 
1985-03-22  Chesterfield, England vs. Dave Duran  W DQ 
1985-03-24  Cleethorpes, England vs. Dave Foster  W  
1985-03-25  Derby, England vs. Dave Duran  L DQ 
1985-03-26  Guildford, England vs. Pete Roberts  L DQ 
1985-03-27  Hull, England vs. Keith Haward  L DQ 
1985-03-28  Bristol, England vs. Marty Jones  L  
1985-03-29  Harrogate, England vs. Chic Cullen  D  
1985-03-30  Ashton-under-Lyne, England vs. Dave Finlay  L  
1985-04-01  Aylesbury, England vs. Pete Roberts  L DQ 
1985-04-08  Bridlington, England vs. Marty Jones    
1985-05-07  Tampa, FL vs. Mike Golden  W  
1985-05-08  Miami Beach, FL vs. Mike Golden  W  
1985-05-10  Orlando, FL vs. Bill Irwin  L  
1985-05-11  St. Petersburg, FL vs. Jack Hart  W  
1986-05-14  Tampa, FL vs. Jack Hart  W  
1985-05-15  Miami Beach, FL vs. Dale Veasey  W  
1985-05-15  Miami, FL vs. Rip Rogers  W  
1985-05-17  Ocala, FL vs. Rip Rogers  W  
1985-05-18  Lakeland, FL vs. Rip Rogers  D  
1985-05-19  Orlando, FL vs. Rip Rogers  D  
1985-05-22  Fort Lauderdale, FL vs. Mike Golden  W  
1985-05-23  Fort Pierce, FL vs. Bill Irwin  W  
1983-05-26  Orlando, FL vs. Jack Hart  W  
1985-05-28  Tampa, FL vs. Hercules Hernandez  L  
1985-05-29  Miami, FL vs. Rick Rude & Jesse Barr w/ Mike Golden L  
1985-06-01  Nassau, Bahamas vs. Jack Hart    
1985-06-02  Orlando, FL vs. Mike Golden  L  
1985-06-04  Tampa, FL vs. Rip Rogers  D  
1986-06-06  Wildwood, FL vs. Hercules Hernandez    
1985-06-07  Miami Beach, FL vs. Rick Rude & Jesse Barr w/ Tiger Conway, Jr. L  
1985-06-09  Orlando, FL vs. Rick Rude & Jesse Barr w/ Billy Jack W  
1985-06-10  Tampa, FL vs. Rick Rude & Jesse Barr w/ Billy Jack W  
1985-06-12  Ocala, FL vs. Rip Rogers  W  
1985-06-14  Miami Beach, FL vs. Rick Rude & Jesse Barr w/ Billy Jack L  
1985-06-16  Orlando, FL vs. Rick Rude & Jesse Barr w/ Tiger Conway, Jr. L  
1985-06-18  Tampa, FL vs. Hercules Hernandez  L  
1985-06-20  Leesburg, FL vs. Mike Golden  W  
1985-06-21  Miami, FL vs. Hercules Hernandez  L  
1985-06-23  Orlando, FL vs. Rick Rude & Jesse Barr w/ Tiger Conway, Jr. W  Texas Tornado Match
1985-06-24  Fort Pierce, FL vs. Rick Rude & Jesse Barr w/ Billy Jack L  
1985-06-25  Tampa, FL vs. Jack Hart  W  
1985-06-28  Miami Beach, FL vs. Rick Rude & Jesse Barr w/ Tiger Conway, Jr. L  
1985-07-04  Ocala, FL vs. Tony Wonder  W  
1985-07-10  Miami, FL vs. "The Road Warriors" w/ Mike Graham W  
1985-08-06  Tampa, FL vs. Tommy Wright  W  
1985-08-07  Miami, FL vs. Tony Wonder  W  
1985-08-10  Nassau, Bahamas vs. The Grappler    
1985-08-11  Orlando, FL vs. Tony Wonder  W  
1985-08-13  Tampa, FL vs. Tony Wonder  W  
1985-08-14  Miami, FL vs. Jack Hart  L  
1985-08-17  St. Petersburg, FL vs. The Marauder  W  
1985-08-18  Ocala, FL vs. Jack Hart  L  
1985-09-21 WWF Springfield, MA vs. Rene Goulet  W  
1985-09-22 WWF Toronto, ON vs. Rene Goulet  W  
1985-09-23 WWF New York City, NY vs. Les Thornton  W  
1985-09-26 WWF Buffalo, NY vs. Rene Goulet    
1985-09-28 WWF Philadelphia, PA vs. Rene Goulet  W  
1985-09-29 WWF Rosemont, IL vs. Les Thornton  D  
1985-10-01 WWF Poughkeepsie, NY vs. Greg Valentine & Brutus Beefcake w/ Paul Roma L  
1985-10-05 WWF Pittsbugh, PA vs. Randy Savage  L  
1985-10-06 WWF Miami, FL vs. Mike Sharpe  D  
1985-10-11 WWF Baltimore, MD vs. Rene Goulet  W  
1985-10-12 WWF Boston, MA vs. Randy Savage  L  
1985-10-13 WWF Toronto, ON vs. Barry O  W  
1985-10-14 WWF Montreal, QC vs. The Iron Sheik & Nikolai Volkoff w/ Tony Parisi L  
1985-10-16 WWF Buffalo, NY vs. Adrian Adonis  L  
1985-10-17 WWF Fort Wayne, IN vs. Randy Savage  L  
1985-10-24 WWF Kansas City, MO vs. The Spoiler  D  
1985-11-01 WWF Uniondale, NY vs. Adrian Adonis  L  
1985-11-05 WWF Davenport, IA vs. The Spoiler  L  
1985-11-08 WWF Pittsbugh, PA vs. Barry O  W  
1985-11-09 WWF Landover, MD vs. Hercules  L  
1985-11-09 WWF New Haven, CT vs. Mike Sharpe  W  
1985-11-11 WWF Salisbury, MD vs. Randy Savage  L  
1985-11-12 WWF Poughkeepsie, NY vs. "The Hart Foundation" w/ Jim Powers L  
1985-11-13 WWF San Francisco, CA vs. Greg Valentine  L  
1985-11-14 WWF Phoenix, AZ vs. Matt Borne  W  
1985-11-15 WWF Denver, CO vs. Randy Savage  L  
1985-11-16 WWF Los Angeles, CA vs. Terry Funk  L  
1986-11-17 WWF Oakland, CA vs. The Spoiler  D  
1985-11-18 WWF Portland, OR vs. Randy Savage  L  
1985-11-19 WWF Seattle, WA vs. Randy Savage  L  
1985-11-20 WWF Sacramento, CA vs. Randy Savage  L  
1985-11-21 WWF San Diego, CA vs. Bob Orton, Jr.  L  
1985-11-24 WWF Toronto, ON vs. Terry Gibbs  W  
1985-11-27 WWF Miami, FL vs. Jim Neidhart  L  
1985-12-01 WWF Landover, MD vs. Terry Gibbs  W  
1985-12-03 WWF Poughkeepsie, NY vs. Mr. X & The Gladiator w/ Cpl. Kirchner W  
1985-12-05 WWF Uniondale, NY vs. Hercules  L  
1985-12-06 WWF Pittsbugh, PA vs. Barry O  W  
1985-12-07 WWF Philadelphia, PA vs. Hercules  L  
1985-12-07 WWF Boston, MA vs. Hercules  L  
1985-12-26 WWF Richfield, OH vs. Adrian Adonis  L  
1985-12-29 WWF West Palm Beach, FL vs. Hercules  L  
1986-01-03 WWF Kansas City, MO vs. Moondog Spot  D  
1986-01-05 WWF Baltimore, MD vs. Tiger Chung Lee  D  
1986-01-06 WWF New Haven, CT vs. Hercules  L  
1986-01-09 WWF Milwaukee, WI vs. Les Thornton  W  
1986-01-10 WWF Pittsburgh, PA vs. Barry O  D  
1986-01-11 WWF Boston, MA vs. Moondog Spot  W  
1986-01-12 WWF Toronto, ON vs. Hercules  L  
1986-01-14 WWF Phoenix, AZ vs. Adrian Adonis  L  
1986-01-15 WWF San Diego, CA     
1986-01-16 WWF Oakland, CA vs. Adrian Adonis  L  
1986-01-17 WWF Rosemont, IL vs. Hercules  L  
1986-01-18 WWF Landover, MD vs. Randy Savage  L  
1986-01-21 WWF Los Angeles, CA vs. Terry Funk  L  
1986-01-22 WWF Miami, FL vs. Bob Orton, Jr.  L  
1986-01-27 WWF New York City, NY vs. Terry Funk  L  
1986-01-28 WWF Poughkeepsie, NY vs. Greg Valentine & Brutus Beefcake w/ Jim Powers L  
1986-02-01 WWF Baltimore, MD vs. Hercules  L  
1986-02-03 WWF East Rutherford, NJ vs. Hercules  L  
1986-02-06 WWF Warren, OH vs. Tiger Chung Lee  W  
1986-02-07 WWF Detroit, MI vs. Adrian Adonis  L  
1986-02-08 WWF Philadelphia, PA vs. Hercules  L  
1986-02-09 WWF Landover, MD vs. Paul Christy  D  
1986-02-11 WWF Oklahoma City, OK vs. Jerry Valiant  L  
1986-02-12 WWF Fresno, CA vs. Adrian Adonis  L  
1986-02-13 WWF San Diego, CA vs. Rene Goulet  W  
1986-02-14 WWF Los Angeles, CA vs. "The Hart Foundation" w/ George Wells L  
1986-03-02 WWF Toronto, ON vs. Jake Roberts  L  
1986-03-03 WWF Brantford, ON vs. "The Hart Foundation" w/ Nelson Veilleux L  
1986-03-04 WWF Rochester, NY vs. Jake Roberts  L  
1986-03-07 WWF Philadelphia, PA vs. "The Hart Foundation" w/ Tony Atlas L  
1986-03-08 WWF Boston, MA vs. Jim Neidhart  L  
1986-03-09 WWF Landover, MD vs. Jake Roberts  L  
1986-03-10 WWF East Rutherford, NJ vs. Jake Roberts  L  
1986-03-12 WWF Peoria, IL vs. Moondog Spot  D  
1986-03-14 WWF Pittsburgh, PA vs. Bret Hart  L  
1986-03-16 WWF Minneapolis, MN vs. Dory Funk, Jr.  L  
1986-03-17 WWF Winnipeg, MB vs. Dory Funk, Jr.  L  
1986-03-18 WWF Los Angeles, CA vs. Rene Goulet  W  
1986-03-19 WWF Oakland, CA vs. Nikolai Volkoff  L  
1986-03-20 WWF Fresno, CA vs. Hercules  L  
1986-03-21 WWF San Diego, CA vs. Rene Goulet  W  
1986-03-22 WWF Phoenix, AZ vs. Rene Goulet    
1986-04-01 WWF Etobicoke, ON vs. John Studd & King Kong Bundy w/ Terry Morgan L  
1986-04-01 WWF Etobicoke, ON vs. Don Muraco & Moondog Spot w/ Paul Orndorff W  
1986-04-21 WWF Poughkeepsie, NY vs. The Iron Sheik & Nikolai Volkoff w/ John Centeno L  
1986-04-22 WWF New York City, NY vs. Jake Roberts  L  
1986-04-24 WWF Johnstown, PA vs. Jake Roberts  L  
1986-04-25 WWF Pittsburgh, PA vs. Jake Roberts  L  
1986-04-26 WWF Detroit, MI vs. Jake Roberts  L  
1986-04-27 WWF Omaha, NE vs. Jake Roberts  L  
1986-05-04 WWF Toronto, ON vs. Johnny K-9  W  
1986-05-06 WWF Green Bay, WI vs. Jake Roberts    
1986-05-12 WWF Poughkeepsie, NY vs. Don Muraco & Bob Orton, Jr. w/ Don Driggers L  
1986-05-14 WWF Winnipeg, MB vs. Mike Sharpe, Jr.  W  
1986-05-16 WWF Vancouver, BC vs. Ben Bassarab  D  
1986-05-17 WWF Tacoma, WA vs. Moondog Rex  L  
1986-05-21 WWF Buffalo, NY vs. Rene Goulet  W  
1986-05-24 WWF Boston, MA vs. Hercules  L  
1986-07-16 WWF Rochester, NY vs. Moondog Rex  L  
1986-07-17 WWF East Rutherford, NJ vs. Mike Sharpe  L  
1986-07-18 WWF Richfield, OH vs. Bret Hart  L  
1986-07-19 WWF Pontiac, MI vs. Moondog Rex  W  
1986-07-20 WWF Landover, MD vs. Jim Neidhart  L  
1986-07-22 WWF Miami, FL Battle Royal  W  
1986-07-22 WWF Miami, FL vs. Bob Orton, Jr.  L  
1986-07-24 WWF Grand Rapids, MI vs. Jerry Valiant  W  
1986-07-26 WWF St. Mary's, PA vs. Les Thornton  W  
1986-07-27 WWF Toronto, ON vs. Hercules  L  
1986-07-28 WWF Brantford, ON vs. Adrian Adonis  L  
1986-07-29 WWF Newmarket, ON vs. Harley Race  L  
1986-08-02 WWF Worcester, MA Battle Royal (30-man)    
1986-10-29 WWF Glens Falls, NY vs. Hercules  L  
1986-10-30 WWF Lindenhurst, NY vs. Salvatore Bellomo    
1986-10-31 WWF Providence, RI vs. Greg Valentine & Brutus Beefcake & Johnny V w/ "The British Bulldogs" W  
1986-11-01 WWF Boston, MA vs. Sika  L  
1986-11-03 WWF Uniondale, NY vs. Kamala  L  
1986-12-25 WWF Detroit, MI vs. The Honky Tonk Man  L  
1986-12-27 WWF Rosemont, IL vs. Frenchy Martin  W  
1987-01-03 WWF Boston, MA vs. Tama  L  
1987-01-03 WWF Boston, MA Battle Royal (20-man won by Blackjack Mulligan)  L  
1987-01-05 WWF East Rutherford, NJ vs. "The Hart Foundation" w/ Tony Garea L  
1987-01-09 WWF Allentown, PA vs. Barry O  W  
1987-01-09 WWF Allentown, PA vs. The Red Demon  W  
1987-01-10 WWF Philadelphia, PA vs. Terry Gibbs  W  
1987-01-11 WWF Toronto, ON vs. Dino Bravo  L  
1987-02-20 WWF Rosemont, IL vs. The Honky Tonk Man  L  
1987-02-24 WWF Davenport, IA vs. Dino Bravo  L  
1987-02-24 WWF Davenport, IA Battle Royal (20-man won by Hillbilly Jim)  L  
1987-02-25 WWF Des Moines, IA Battle Royal (20-man)    
1987-11-20  Calgary, AB vs. Biff Wellington    
1987-11-21  Edmonton, AB vs. Johnny Smith  W  
1987-11-22  Calgary, AB vs. Johnny Smith  W  
1987-11-28  Edmonton, AB vs. Biff Wellington  W  
1987-12-01  Cold Lake, AB vs. Johnny Smith  W  
1987-12-03  Banff, AB vs. Phil LaFleur  W DQ 
1987-12-04  Calgary, AB vs. Mr. Hito  W  
1987-12-05  Edmonton, AB vs. Bruce Hart & Brian Pillman w/ Goldie Rogers   
1987-12-07  Kamloops, BC vs. Bruce Hart & Brian Pillman w/ Gerry Morrow L  
1987-12-08  Kelowna, BC vs. Johnny Smith  W  
1987-12-10  Lethbridge, AB vs. Johnny Smith  W  
1987-12-10  Lethbridge, AB vs. Bruce Hart & Brian Pillman & Owen Hart w/ Gerry Morrow & Makhan Singh W  Bunkhouse Brawl
1987-12-11  Calgary, AB vs. Bruce Hart & Brian Pillman & Johnny Smith w/ Gerry Morrow & Great Gama W  
1987-12-12  Edmonton, AB vs. Bruce Hart & Brian Pillman & Owen Hart w/ Gerry Morrow & Great Gama L  
1987-12-14  North Battleford, SK vs. Mr. Hito & Biff Wellington w/ Great Gama W  
1987-12-15  Regina, SK vs. Mr. Hito & Biff Wellington w/ Gerry Morrow W  
1987-12-17  Lacombe, AB vs. Mr. Hito & Biff Wellington w/ Great Gama W  
1987-12-18  Calgary, AB vs. Mr. Hito & Biff Wellington w/ Great Gama W  
1987-12-19  Edmonton, AB vs. Mr. Hito & Biff Wellington w/ Great Gama W  
1987-12-21  Camrose, AB vs. Jonathan Holliday  W  
1987-12-22  Lethbridge, AB vs. Mr. Hito & Biff Wellington w/ Great Gama W  
1987-12-23  Red Deer, AB vs. Mr. Hito & Biff Wellington w/ Great Gama W  
1987-12-25  Calgary, AB vs. Chris Benoit & Jonathan Holliday w/ Great Gama W  
1987-12-26  Edmonton, AB vs. Mr. Hito & Chris Benoit w/ Great Gama W  
1987-12-27  Fort McMurray, AB vs. Mr. Hito & Biff Wellington w/ Great Gama W  
1987-12-29  Taber, AB vs. Chris Benoit & Biff Wellington w/ Great Gama W  
1987-12-30  Medicine Hat, AB vs. Chris Benoit & Biff Wellington w/ Great Gama W  
1988-01-01  Calgary, AB vs. Phil LaFleur  W  
1988-01-02  Edmonton, AB vs. Phil LaFleur  W CO 
1988-01-08  Calgary, AB vs. Brian Pillman  D CO 
1988-01-09  Edmonton, AB vs. Brian Pillman  W  
1988-01-15  Calgary, AB vs. Brian Pillman  L DQ 
1988-01-21  Leduc, AB vs. Biff Wellington  W  
1988-01-22  Calgary, AB vs. Johnny Smith & Biff Wellington w/ Great Gama W  
1988-01-23  Edmonton, AB vs. Chris Benoit & Jason the Terrible & Brian Pillman w/ Great Gama & Makhan Singh W DQ 
1988-01-25  Bowden, AB vs. Chris Benoit & Johnny Smith w/ Great Gama W  
1988-01-26  Mundare, AB vs. Chris Benoit & Johnny Smith w/ Great Gama W 

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