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 Posted: Sun Sep 11th, 2011 07:03 am
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Okay guys,I think many of you may know I work as a refree for what I consider the best Indy Fed in North Carolina,the MWF out of Lincolnton (Yeah,I'm partial,so what?),but we had our end of Summer Supershow "ONSLAUGHT" tonight,and my first 2 matches were,sheall we say,total clusterfucks.

The first match was supposed to go for 7-8 minutes back and forth,with 2 false finishes and then the pin when "Redneck Jason" hit the spear on his opponent,"Knockout Hiroshima",who is really one of the regular guys under the hood. 

 They went for maybe 2 minutes max when Rednck hit the spear and Knockout didn't try to kick out as planned,unknown to me he couldn't see a thing from under the hood and couldn't breathe so they decided to go home early,problem was what about the flase finishes and going 7-8 minutes? 

FUCK!!! :X  So I stopped at the count of 2 like a complete dumbass,before starting the count over again and going to 3,clearly a ref screwup to the crowd,they were yelling at me calling me blind and stuff like that,but at least the guys weren't pissed off about it when we got there.

Then it got even more fucked up in my second match,it was an "ironman" 30 minute match,was supposed to go right to the wire with the heel winning when Knockout (him again) distracted Mikado (the good guy) and Wolfe (heel) hit him a low blow from behind while I was yelling at him to get his ass out of there,of course then the blind ref turns and makes the 1-2-3.

So,we start the match,all seems well,each guy Mikado goes up 2-1 in falls,then gets a near fall,clearly a 2 1/2 count,but the damn announcer (his first and hopefully last time announcing the decisions) calls it another fall,3-1 Mikado and it was supposed to end at 2-2 before the run in. 

DOUBLE FUCK!!!:X:X   so to try to get things back on track now we have to have Wolfe,the heel,take 2 quickies on the top babyface just to get things right,so we do the old pin with feet on the ropes for leverage (I can be blind when I need to),then the next fall I miss Mikados feet on the ropes so it's tied 3-3.

Okay,we get through it,but now all the heat is on me,the stupid incompetent referee,and I'm supposed to be invisible,it's about the blowoff to a long feud here,in a match those 2 guys specifically asked for me to be the referre,but we'll get through it.

Now we have less things on an even keel,let's go the finish,but every single time there was a near fall the announcer kept changing who had how many falls or whatever,to the point where I had to ask both wrestlers who had how many falls and who was winning,and none of us even knew,it was a real clusterfuck until the finish,where it was supposed to be Wolfe getting the pin to win by 1 fall,but because of the fuck ups,what should have been the finish was anounced as having "tied" the thing,so we had to do another 1-2-3 to end the damn thing!!

TRIPLE FUCK!!!:X:X:X  End result is we had to make one of our top guys look weak,make one of our top heels look weak,and make me look like a damn heel ref because of 3 "blind ass referee" spots in one lousy match,only 1 of them  planned,that being the finish.

Anyways,that's my rant,I'm frustrated as Hell at how things went,luckily none of the guys were pissed off at yours truly,but what the Hell,you live and learn,it's wrestling and shit happens.

Anybody else here had any or seen any of these kinds of clusterfucks,and if so please share,it's allways fun to poke fun at stuff like this,unless you're right in the middle of it,that is.

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