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 Posted: Sat Sep 17th, 2011 02:28 am
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From the Legacy of Wrestling. All are Boston, MA results.
Wrestlers were used from both Doyle & Barnett and the Pfefer Offices

March 11, 1960

NWA Title
Pat O'Connor drew Dick the Bruiser when the 11pm curfew occured.
Special Ref was Steve Crusher Casey

Bobo Brazil beat The Masked Marvel
Emil Dupree & Don Eagle drew Ed & Dan Miller
Joe Sasso beat Pancho Lopez
Killer Douglas beat Prince Boma
Amazing Zuma beat Bull Montana

October 28, 1960

World Champion Killer Kowalski beat Pepper Gomez
Verne Gagne beat Dick the Bruiser by DQ
The Rebel & Ivan Strogoff beat Ron Hill & Golden Boy Dupree
Alma Mills beat Lucille Dupree
Haystack Muldoon beat Wildman Firpo
Frank Scarpa beat Perry Garvin
Killer Douglas drew Joe Sasso

November 18, 1960

World Champ Killer Kowalski beat Yukon Eric
Antonino Rocca beat Dick the Bruiser
Haystack Muldoon beat Jimmy Valentine
The Texas Rebels beat Ron Hill & Nick Valley
Joe Sasso beat Harry Lewis
Killer Douglas beat Dick Bousier
Enrico Ponzi beat Vorrius the Greek