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 Posted: Tue Nov 13th, 2007 02:54 am
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beejmi wrote: Okay I am there with you but didn't the "NWA" have offices internationally, and in the Carolinas, Florida, Georgia ... how many "World Tag team Champions" in the NWA were there.

From what I can tell, the Mid Atlantic version of the championship seems to be recognized as the one where the lineage takes us to the 90s. Is that right?

From the way it looks, pretty much every NWA office at one time or another had their own version of the NWA Tag Champs.
As you will see, the titles came and went in each area.

I would kind of be interested if anyone has any insight why the titles came/went and sometimes were replaced with a lesser version. For example it looks like in Tennesee the last NWA Tag Champs ended up being Kevin Sullivan and Mike Graham. The titles were replaced with either the Southern Tag or Mid American Tag depending on what side of the State you lived on.

Another example is Central States, they used the World Tag belts from 1973 to 1978 or so. The area went North American Tag champs1961-1973. Then upgraded the top belt to the World in 1973 but demoted their top belts all way down to Central States in 1978.