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March 15, 1974 California , PA                                             

Stan Stasiak vs Billy Red Lyons                                                                                      Lisa Raymond vs Jane Doyle                                                                                           Ron Matteucci  & Johnny DeFazio vs Frank Durso & Jim Grabmire    

April 17, 1974 Buffalo, NY
Bruno Sammartino No Contest vs George Steele                                                              Dominic DeNucci beat Otto von Heller
Billy Red Lyons drew Chris Tolos
Baron Scicluna beat Golden Boy Apollo
Johnny DeFazio Beat Terry Yorkston
Johnny Fargo & The Executioner beat Mario Fraterolli & Steve Bolus
Peggy Hyland & Jane Doyle beat Joyce Duncan & Lynn Ramon

Apr. 18, 1974- Erie, PA– Erie County Fieldhouse
Johnny DeFazio drew The Executioner, 20:00
Billy Red Lyons b. Johnny Fargo, DQ
Bruno Sammartino b. Killer Kowalski, COR, 15:40
Baron Scicluna b. Dominic DeNucci, DQ, 10:00
Peggy Hyland & Jane Doyle b. Lynn Ramon & Joyce Duncan

April 20, 1974 Pittsburgh TV                                                                                          Billy Red Lyons beat Al Bell                                                                                                  Pete Sanchez beat Swede Anderson                                                                            George Steele beat Al Schiller                                                                                      Bruno Sammartino beat Baron Scicluna via DQ                                                         Johnny Fargo beat Frank Holtz via COR

April 23, 1974 Rochester, NY                                                                                          Bruno Sammartino vs Killer Kowalski                                                                     Dominic DeNucci vs George Steele                                                                               Billy Red Lyons vs Baron Scicluna                                                                     Executioner & Johnny Fargo vs Golden Boy Apollo & Mario Frataroli                             Chris Tolos vs Terry Yorkston

April 26, 1974 Pittsburgh, PA                                                                                      Bruno Sammartino beat George Steele via DQ
Dom DeNucci beat Baron Scicluna via DQ
Billy Red Lyons & Pete Sanchez beat The Fabulous Kangaroos via DQ
Killer Kowalski drew Dr. Bill Miller
The Executioner vs Johnny Fargo ruled a double coutout
Jane Doyle & Peggy Hyland beat Lisa Raymond & Joyce Duncan

April 27, 1974 Pittsburgh TV                                                                                          Pete Sanchez beat Al Schiller                                                                                     George Steele beat Frank Holtz via COR                                                                      Baron Scicluna beat Swede Anderson                                                                              Dominic DeNucci & Billy Red Lyons beat Al Bell & Johnny Fargo

April 27, 1974 Austintown, OH                                                                                     Peggy Hyland & Jane Doyle beat Lisa Raymond & Joyce Duncan                                       Pete Sanchez beat The Executioner via DQ                                                                        Billy Red Lyons beat Lionel Roberts                                                                           Johnny DeFazio & Dominic DeNucci beat Johnny Fargo & Baron Scicluna via DQ

May 8, 1974 Buffalo, NY                                                                                                                                              George Steele beat Dominic DeNucci                                                                                                                   Johnny Fargo DCOR vs The Executioner                                                                                                                Baron Scicluna & Chris Tolos drew Billy Red Lyons & Steve Bolus                                                                                  Pete Sanchez beat Terry Yorkston                                                                                                                                            Eric The Red beat Billy Fontana                                                                                                                                              Jane Doyle beat Lynn Ramon

May 14, 1974 Rochester, NY

Dominic DeNucci vs Johnny Fargo

Billy Red Lyons & Pete Sanchez vs Baron Scicluna & Chris Tolos

The Beast vs The Executioner                                                                                                                                   Billy Fontana vs Terry Yorkston


May 31, 1974 Pittsburgh, PA- Civic Arena
1) The Executioner b. Billy Fontana
2) Eric the Red drew Steve Bolus
3) Billy “Red” Lyons b. Johnny Fargo
4) Baron Mikel Scicluna b. Bill Miller
5) George Steele b. Dominic DeNucci (won North American belt with outside interference from Baron Scicluna)
6) Johnny DeFazio & Pete Sanchez b. Jim Grabmire & Chris Tolos

June 25, 1974 Rochester, NY                                                                                                                                  Eddie DeJesus defeated Terry Yorkston via disqualification
Pete Sanchez defeated Billy Fontana
Eric the Red fought the Executioner to a draw
Stan Stasiak pinned Steve Bolus with the heart punch
Dominic DeNucci & Billy Red Lyons defeated Baron Mikel Scicluna & George Steele

June 28, 1974 Pittsburgh, PA -
 1) The Executioner b. Billy Fontana
2) Pete Sanchez b. Terry Yorkston
3) Bill Miller b. Eric the Red
4) Johnny DeFazio drew Steve Bolus
5) Baba b. Jim Grabmire
6) Billy “Red” Lyons b. Cowboy Parker
7) Stan Stasiak b. Ron Pritchard
8) Dominic DeNucci & Bruno Sammartino b. George Steele & Baron Mikel Scicluna (cage match)

August 3, 1974 Johnstown, PA                                                                                                                            Billy Red Lyons won 9 Man Battle Royal                                                                                            Executioner drew Frank Holtz                                                                                                                               Johnny DeFazio & Dominic DeNucci beat Baron Scicluna & Jim Grabmire                                                   Mr. Fuji beat Pretty Boy Billy Fontana                                                                                                      Billy Red Lyons beat Stan Stasiak via DQ

August 6, 1974 Rochester, NY                                                                                                                         Dominic DeNucci vs Stan Stasiak                                                                                                                                         Billy Red Lyons vs Mr. Fuji                                                                                                                                                   Steve Bolus & Pete Sanchez vs Billy Fontana & Lynn Shilly                                                                                                 Terry Yorkston vs The Executioner                                                                                                                                                   Pepe DePasquale vs Eddie DeJesus

August 7, 1974 Buffalo, NY                                                                                                                                                 Billy Red Lyons & Dominic DeNucci vs Mr Fuji & Stan Stasiak

August 9, 1974 Erie, PA                                                                                                                                           Stan Stasiak vs Dominic DeNucci                                                                                                                                        Johnny DeFazio vs Mr Fuji                                                                                                                                                    Baron Scicluna & Cowboy Parker vs Billy Red Lyons & Pete Sanchez                                                                            

August 17, 1974 Johnstown, Pa                                                                                                                        Dominic DeNucci & Billy Red Lyons beat Mr. Fuji & Stan Stasiak via DQ                                            Steve Bolus beat Billy Fontana                                                                                                                                Pete Sanchez beat Jim Grabmire                                                                                                                                    Johnny DeFazio drew The Executioner                                                                                                                 Frank Holtz beat Jack Vansky                                                                                                                                                                                                         

August 24, 1974 Rochester, NY                                                                                                                                 Dominic DeNucci & Billy Red Lyons vs Mr. Fuji & Stan Stasiak                                                                  Girls Match                                                                                                                                                               Midget Match

September 7, 1974 Johnstown, PA                                                                                                                         Dominic DeNucci & Billy Red Lyons & Pete Sanchez beat Stan Stasiak & Mr. Fuji & Baron Scicluna via DQ      Johnny DeFazio beat Larry Sharpe                                                                                                                           Steve Bolus drew The Executioner                                                                                                                             Frank Holtz beat Pepe DePasquale   

 Sept. 22, 1974 Pittsburgh, PA
1) Bill Miller b. Mario Fraterolli
2) Manuel Soto b. Frank Durso
3) Dominic DeNucci b. Larry Sharpe
4) Billy “Red” Lyons & Tony Parisi b. Jim Grabmire & The Executioner
5) Louis Cerdan & Baron Mikel Scicluna b. Frank Holtz & Steve Bolus
6) Stan Stasiak b. Pete Sanchez
7) Bruno Sammartino drew Mr . Fuji

October 9, 1974 Buffalo, NY                                                                                                                                Bruno Sammartino beat Baron Scicluna                                                                                                               The Executioner DDQ Mike Muscato                                                                                                                      Steve Bolus drew Louis Cerdan                                                                                                                               Billy Red Lyons beat Larry Sharpe                                                                                                                                 Pete Sanchez & Manny Soto beat Eric The Red & Bull Johnson                                                                 Stan Stasiak & Mr Fuji beat Tony Parisi & Dominic DeNucci

October 18, 1974 Pittsburgh, PA -
1) Jim Grabmire beat. Dino Nero
2) The Executioner beat. Larry Sharpe
3) Steve Bolus beat. Terry Yorkston
4) Johnny DeFazio & Tony Parisi beat. Baron Mikel Scicluna & Eric the Red, DQ
5) Bruno Sammartino beat Mr Fuji
6) Stan Stasiak beat. Billy “Red” Lyons, COR
7) Manuel Soto & Pete Sanchez beat. Otto von Heller & Kurt von Hess, COR

October 19, 1974 Pittsburgh TV                                                                                                                                         Stan Stasiak beat Tommy Young                                                                                                                                         Pete Sanchez & Manuel Soto beat Larry Sharpe & Karl von Sholtz                                                                     Tony Parisi & Billy Red Lyons DDQ vs Baron Scicluna & Louis Cerdan                                                   Mario Fraterolli beat Red Hawk                                                                                                                                        The Executioner beat Eugene Sando

Oct.ober 22, 1974  Rochester, NY War Memorial Auditorium (att. 1,600)
Stan Stasiak beat. Tony Parisi, 14:23
Billy "Red" Lyons beat. Mr. Fuji, 11:26
Eric the Red & Baron Mikel Scicluna beat. Pete Sanchez & Manuel Soto, DQ

October 25, 1974 Monroeville, PA - Howard Johnson's Hotel Ballroom
Bruno Sammartino beat Mr. Fuji via Count out
Stan Stasiak beat Terry Yorkston
Billy Red Lyons drew The Executioner
Johnny DeFazio beat Eric the Red via DQ
Pete Sanchez & Manuel Soto beat Baron Scicluna & Larry Sharpe

 November 1, 1974 Hubbard Ohio-High School Gym
Eric the Red & Baron Scicluna beat Johnny DeFazio & Bruno Sammartino via DQ
Stan Stasiak beat Steve Bolos
Billy Red Lyons beat The Executioner via DQ
Pete Sanchez & Manuel Soto beat Larry Sharpe & Terry Yorkston

November 8, 1974Coraopolis, PA (Robert Morris College)
Stan Stasiak beat Pete Sanchez
Baron Scicluna beat The Executioner
Manny Soto beat Eric the Red via DQ
Steve Bolos & Billy Red Lyons beat Larry Sharpe & Terry Yorkston

April 15, 1978 Johnstown, PA - War Memorial - [size=
Dino Bravo pinned Billy Red Lyons at 11:33
Dewey Robertson fought SD Jones; Robertson wrestled the match as a heel
Dusty Rhodes defeated Ken Patera via disqualification at 14:22 after dropping Rhodes crotch-first across the top rope
Superstar Billy Graham defeated Dominic DeNucci via count-out at 14:22
Andre the Giant defeated Stan Stasiak & Baron Mikel Scicluna in a handicap match at 10:06 by pinning Scicluna]


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