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 Posted: Tue Nov 13th, 2007 03:02 pm
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What Chris has done is the right thing. If you are working on a record book, post it and I'll add to it.

1/14/72 Duluth, MN @ Arena
Bull Bullinski & Andre the Giant beat Nick Bockwinkel & Ray Stevens 2-0
Larry Hennig beat Dr. X dq
Ivan Koloff beat Don Muraco
Dusty Rhodes beat Joe Scarpello

12/29/72 Chicago, IL @ International Amphitheatre
Wilbur Snyder won a 15 man battle royal when Andre Rousimoff, Blackjack Mulligan, Blackjack Lanza and Dusty Rhodes were simultaneously eliminated
order of elimination: Ric Flair, Dale Lewis, Jack Pesek, Johnny Kace, Billy Red Cloud, Reggie Parks, Sailor Art Thomas, Larry Hennig, George Scott, Dick Murdoch, Andre Rousimoff (the giant) took the Blackjacks and Dusty Rhodes with him
Dusty Rhodes beat Wilbur Snyder
Reggie Parks beat Larry Hennig dq
Blackjack Lanza beat Jack Pesek
Sailor Art Thomas beat Johnny Kace
Blackjack Mulligan drew George Scott
Dick Murdoch beat Billy Red Cloud

9/15/73 St Paul, MN @ Civic Center
Two Ring Battle Royal
Ring one winner Superstar Billy Graham beat Ring two winner Andre The Giant to claim the prize money
Andre the Giant beat Buddy Wolff COR
Ray Stevens beat Billy Robinson dq
Ivan Koloff drew Ken Patera
Red Bastien beat Reggie Parks via pin
Geoff Portz beat Billy Howard via pin
att: 9,000+

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