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 Posted: Tue Oct 11th, 2011 03:19 am
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Papa Voo wrote: I would like to hear your opinions.

The thing is that this interview seemed a little bit scripted "werked".  She asks some tough questions, but it only seemed logical to follow some of his answers up with more questions. 
I agree.  To many follow ups were ignored for it to not have been known ahead of time and probably insisted on no follow ups to do it.

He keeps making his case that he has customers all over the world

So do other countries and many of them have opened plants in the US to make the trips shorter to the US as well.  Its not about customers, its about the sweatshops.  Just fucking admit it already

He wants even bigger tax breaks for corporations.
Kinda ironic coming from the CEO of a corporation which paid ZERO taxes last year while making Billions.  Yep just what we need, even more corporations paying nothing and owning sweatshops elsewhere

He does not mention how much the wages that GE is paying to workers overseas

Of course not, no company likes to have that information get known.  If these corporations let the rest of the world know that the $500 iPad was assembled by a group of workers whose weekly pay is less than $40(if its even that high in China) and under conditions that make working in a coal mine seem civilized, people may not purchase that $500 product.  These corporations will say they are "outraged" when it leaks, but they somehow don't pull out and relocate either, instead they "claim" that they are demanding they improve conditions, yet they somehow never release that things have changed either(which many know they didn't), and in back door meetings, blast the companies for letting this info get out in the first place. 

They have even moved R & D overseas

I love that shell commercial(I think its shell) where they show that asian guy and gal on a moped and they say they are working in that country to make it better, when in fact, they are working in that country because the environmental laws and regulations are far less stringent than in the US, thats the real reason they are working in that country, they can do way more without any oversight, and if something gets fucked up, a check to the local Govt ends it, just ask Bhopal how well that trick works.

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