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 Posted: Thu Oct 13th, 2011 12:43 am
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My theory is very much like yours, but I only recently arrived at it. It just seems so simple.

My theory:
We don't manufacture in this country anymore. We are excellent consumers. Those are the two main points.

Companies want to maximize profits and send their jobs overseas to get cheap labor and (at times) a better exchange rate. The US Govt allows a fuckwad like Immelt to do this without repercussions.

My idea: Tax the living fuck out of any company that does this. Make it so that it is almost impossible to do this and come out ahead. I don't know the numbers that would work, but if there's no financial incentive to outsource the process ends.

My mantra: Take care of our own. Charity begins at home. I also believe we don't need to be the world police and want to get the fuck out of all the middle east and keep our money and production as close to home as possible. We buy our own shit.

The fallout: The world bitches. They hate us most of the time anyway so fuck them. I'd rather cut the cunts off that have their hand out and hate us than pay them for doing so.

We started last decade with a 163bb surplus. We have a 16trillion deficit now. Do the math. You cannot have the status quo. Drastic action will produce drastic results.

That's my .02.

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