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 Posted: Thu Oct 13th, 2011 10:32 am
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mike3775 wrote:
HBF wrote:

My idea: Tax the living fuck out of any company that does this. Make it so that it is almost impossible to do this and come out ahead. I don't know the numbers that would work, but if there's no financial incentive to outsource the process ends.
Ia gree with this, but every trade organization in the country and world would say its protectionalist.

Hell remember when the US slapped tariffs on imported tube steel from China in 2003 because they were flooding the US with their cheaply made steel?  The US was fined by the WTO for doing so and ordered to pay China for it, and REMOVE THE FUCKING TARIFFS.

I honestly think its time for the US to become an isolationist country and quit exporting everything and quit importing anything that can be manufactured in the US.  Of course if we were to do this, we would have every trade organization in the world pissed at us, but oh fucking well.

Also we need to get the fuck out of NATO and the UN as well, we have better things to do than be paying over 50% of their budgets and being told to fuck off by Russia and China all the time

This is the thought process I have at this point. We don't owe the world shit.

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