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 Posted: Sun Oct 16th, 2011 03:39 pm
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BayouBoogie wrote: mike3775 wrote:
ahh the good ol days when heels acted like heels and were not cowards either

I've seen many old school wrestlers postulate that the one thing that makes a heel IS cowardice. Even the tough, bully heels have a yellow streak somewhere, which makes them a heel. Nikita was getting into the newer age of "cool" heels that didn't back down.
I understand that cowardice is part of being a heel, but look at some of the best heels in wrestling, and you notice that they either have henchmen to help them(Flair), or attack from behind(like Nikita).  But these days, its hilarious watching heels become faces then go back to heels, because they never become the same type of heel as they used to be.  Edge was the ultimate opportunist, then he went face, and when he became a heel again, he wasn't an opportunist, he was just a chickenshit. 

Hell todays WWE heels are more coward than true heels.  IMO heels should be 70/30 with 30% being a coward, not 70% like it seems to be these days