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 Posted: Tue Nov 1st, 2011 03:32 am
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clawmaster wrote: Recap of Smoeater story.

One day a researcher nobody knew named Hempstead came to KM. He started a thread called Buddy Rogers 1963. He wrote about he interviewed Buddy Rogers several times and began relating his version of Buddy's story. Many people were transfixed by the story and the story got publicity all over the net. Crimson Mask for one believed every word of it. I wasn't a believer or non believer. I knew very little about Buddy's career at the time. I suspect that there were many others like me. Hempstead told his story for months.

Then one day, Hempstead's gf came on the board and said Hemp was really sick. Hempstead never returned but the story continued as Smoeater, a guy Hemp allegedly interviewed many times about Rogers, began sharing his memories. Smoeater revealed he alledgedly worked for the McMahons and was nearly 90 years old living in a nursing home. After the nursing home stuff was revealed, many people including myself began saying the story was a work. We had no proof except that a near 90 year old man posting at all hours of the day and night was a little too much to believe. Crimson Mask and many others were still transfixed by the story and believed every word of it.

The story was building to a climax. Then one day pictures were posted with the theory being Buddy was not in the ring with Bruno Sammartino the night Bruno won the WWWF Title. That it was in fact Buddy's look-a-like brother. A twin Buddy if you will. Mask still believed the story and even stated you could see the differences in the ears of the two Buddys in the pictures. By that time more people jumped off the story's bandwagon and the validity of Hempstead and Smoeater was in question.

Eventually Hemp fucked up and sent an email to somebody. His IP was revealed. He was unmasked as a researcher from a suburb of Philadelphia. I think his name was Steve. Needless to say this caused Mask huge embarrassment. Not only that but it also caused the KM board itself embarrassment.

That's the story as I remember it. People were really pissed at the end. 

Claw- thanks for the recap.  That last part is the part I missed.  I never knew they posted photos.  I guess there was a bombshell announcement at the end - a total bullshit announcement.  Hilarious.  I do recall the shit leading up to that point was pretty riveting.

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