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 Posted: Tue Nov 1st, 2011 03:34 am
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No ,CM was fooled like the rest of them. I found the story interesting at first and then it became boring, because I did not know what the hell they were talking about back in the day.  I sort of thought it was somebody like Skoaland or Altomore conveying worked stories to somebody to post.  

The big lead up moment for KM was when Buddy Rose was given a weekend or 48 hour time limit to reveal himself in the "I was there, true story" thread which Buddy and mostly his cast of supporters kept going for many months (it may have wnet over year) by bumping the thread up.  It was like over a 100 pages long.  On the old KM board, anytime you modified a past post such as adding or deleting a comma, it would bump the thread up to the No. 1 position in that forum.  People were pissed, because this thread would be buried back 7-8 pages and everybody thought the bullshit was over, and then Rose or one of his lackeys would make a minimal modification and the thread would be bumped to the top.  It was a way for Rose to get self-satisfaction and a means for him to stroke his own ego when nobody else would.  The time limit expired and nothing.  A few or several days later Buddy finally created an account with his real name.  So now he was using his real name and about 3-4 sockos.  He discussed things with himself on several occasions.

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