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 Posted: Fri Jun 13th, 2008 05:01 pm
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The Rules

The game starts with the original poster posting 4 words of a sentence. The remaining posters add 4 more words to continue the story.
  • You must add 4 words (not including punctuation) to the story.
  • Please allow 2 other posters to post before posting again.
  • Keep it clean.
The Story So Far...

Yesterday, after football practice, I took off my shirt and showed off my scabs that had started to peel.  Later, during my dinner party, I showed my scabs to my childhood priest and he rubbed some lotion on his hands. I asked for tacos and the priest said, "Let me look at that menu for a second while I masturbate, of course I'm kidding." The waiter looks at my 1947 Kenya map and asks, "What the fuck good is it?"

Later at my apartment, whilst squeezing the pus from the pimples on my steroid enhanced back, I hear a knock coming from my ceiling where the Priest has been building his own home salad tossing device for the benefits of Freddy. Now I'm not saying that it's wrong using pus as salad, but I sure wouldn't want the other alternative which would include using semen from race horses which isn't as bad as Beejmi's calomine lotion. Freddy prefers syrup, but not for his pancakes, it is for his girlfriend's dried up skin condition around her hell's Angels tattoo, which she got when Sonny Barger boinked her. That's not even the low point of that relationship.

One time she took on a whole bunch of horny Special Olympians on a bet that she couldn't make the Guinness book by juggling swords while singing. She lost the bet, but did manage to impress the Special Olympians and they laughed so hard that a couple of them peed their pants. This was really nothing new since incontinence is common in tards, but it's hard not to laugh when you have two who have posted simultaneously. But the memorable part was watching the reaction of the video crew who were "special" themselves.

If "special" means that you act like an old timey rassler, who is now a chiropractor, who  thinks he knows how to do a match that would amaze not only the IWC, but the jobber hall of fame, which includes Dusty Wolfe and a bunch of OSW members who have their noses permanently stuck deep inside the latest copy of "You're Not A Worker."

After reading that book, I knew for sure a carpenter's life sucks. But for the sake of those involved I revived the thread so we could finally finish with a complete sentence. Best intentions notwitstanding, we probably won't be able

The End

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