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 Posted: Mon Nov 7th, 2011 01:09 am
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Big time next week for the AFC East.

5-3 Patsies visit the 5-3 Jets and the 5-3 Bills go to Dallas.

Things are looking good for The Jets compared to where they were a month ago.

Hats off to Eli and The G-Men. They've got the Patsies number. Really did their cross town rivals Jets a big favor today. I LOVE IT!!!!

Eli is clutch. He scared me a couple times throwing into double coverage there near the end, but he got it done.
The Patriots pass rush was awful though as Eli had FOREVER to dance around in the pocket. And their corner's are terrible also. That rookie CB I don't think turned around once to see where the ball was when covering.

I don't get why they keep going to Ocho Cinco either. They should just release his ass now. If he hasn't learned the play book yet he never is. I didn't notice if Branch was just shutdown and couldn't get open, but Brady should have been going to him more. He's still good IMO.